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  1. Sage of Doujutsu

    [Question] Why does Whis not have an interest in training Gohan?

    true but he did show interest in having Goku become the god of destruction after his first fight with Beerus. I just think with how promising Gohan has shown to be through out super it could have atleast got Whis' attention.
  2. Sage of Doujutsu

    [Question] Why does Whis not have an interest in training Gohan?

    I just reread the top arc of the manga and some of the more recent chapters and this has been bugging me. Why isn't Whis interested in training Gohan? He's done away with relying on transformations(something emphasized in Goku and Vegeta's training under Whis) and has already shown to be on par...
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    Why do you think theres rushed endings

    I'm gonna chalk it up to editor deadlines
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    Dragon Ball Characters Are Strongest Bla bla bla.

    you realize everyone in frieza saga moved at about light speed right? and some of them still couldnt dodge the death beam... also their fights since dragon ball(not z) destroyed where ever they were fighting, a hallmark trait of a good dbz fight is when a character gets tossed through buildings...
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    Which fate should i watch first?

    In my personal opinion i'd go zero then night. The story and continuity make more sense that way.
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    [Discussion] Do you think the Kengan series have enough of a following/fanbase for a mobile game?

    I'll preface this by saying I'm a huge fan of both Kengan Asura and Kengan Omega. I was thinking about it a lot earlier today and believe that through multiple aspects of the Kengan world they could put together a decent mobile game app. what do you think?
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    Bakugo in the future?

    I think there will be a dynamic like the top heros hierarchy. deku will obviously be the best like all migh but i think characters like bakugo and todoroki will take the place of heros like endevor and best jeanist(heros not as strong as all might but clearly heads and shoulders above the...
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    [Question] Is it possible Ichigo could have used Quincy spells or kido?

    He uses blut vene subcontiously against juha bach , and used cero in vasto lorde like you said so I belive the ability is there he just needs to learn my go to's for teaching him would be Urahara for kido, Ryuken or Uryu for Quincy powers and Nelliel for hollow powers BTW I know the series is...
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    [Discussion] Isshin's Bankai Speculation

    Given what we know about Isshin and his zanpaktou(forgive me if that's spelled wrong) we can assume two things about his bankai. First his bankai is incredibly strong, being that Isshin was strong enough to pressure Aizen(without even using shikai) and the revelation that he was a gotei 13...
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    Which fan made villain would you want to exist in the DB Universe

    Ize, Freeza is getting stale to me and to be frank i never liked him much
  11. Sage of Doujutsu

    **New DB Movie**!?

    I've got a few ideas about this I don't think they'll go beyond Broly in terms of power and if they do then not by much. I think Broly is going to become something of an ace in the hole. Also I think there should be some physical development for Goten and Trunks, aswell as Gohan regaining his...
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    Gohan should have got it first in my opinion
  13. Sage of Doujutsu

    Broly and Goku

    Outside of a UI fluke Broly without a doubt
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    [Discussion] Kengan Asura worth checking out

    Despite being done in the weird 3D style it doesn't really lose any of the intensity. Also the techniques like removal/release and the advance/loan were extremely well done in my opinion. Can't wait for the fights later in the tournament. What do you guys think?
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    What's an underrated aspect of your favorite anime?

    Midoriyas insane progress and unheard of development of a quirk so late in life. I think it says a lot that only bakugo was able to put 2 and 2 together and figure out it wasn’t natural
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    [Discussion] Who is your favourite anime character, and why?

    Hatsumi Sen (Kengan Asura) - He's misleadingly strong, he has a great character design and I think his interactions with his ex are hilarious and super relatable
  17. Sage of Doujutsu

    [Discussion] Do you think that arthur will be addressed before the end of the series?

    Am I missing something because I don't remember there being conformation that he is actually dead, also if you ask me everyone is alittle happy go lucky considering all of the loses throughout the war arc. I'm really hoping he makes a comeback.
  18. Sage of Doujutsu

    Theory on forms

    It's a great theory and i really like it honestly, but i seriously dobut that much thought was put into it. Also as for Broly his feral nature could refer to him possibly being in touch with the saiyans primal roots