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  2. Mai

    ~~~~~~~welcome home~~~~

    Ok its gotten a lot boring around here so why not lively it up with a party for NB's BADASS Members...:p so Drinks on Me .....;) girls pick a costume and guys wear whatever you want... Lets Get Dirty a bit but not to Dirty..:p My Costume Lets party..:D
  3. Mai

    [email protected] BIRTHDAY To My Lil Sis..:p

    The best gift I can give you today is to pass on my dreams, good health, luck, fortune and happiness to you. May you have years full of happiness to come. Happy Birthday Babii Cake!
  4. Mai

    Please support this

    i can't sign it but stuff like that is fu*ked up ...U_U
  5. Mai


    Where are the hot guys on NB?......U_U since i've joined here i've never seen any so where are they hiding..?
  6. Mai

    Lost and stuck with you!

  7. Mai

    Killer bee vs Naruto( fully controlled ninetailed fox)

    Hi...:p and welcome to the base..!
  8. Mai

    Heartless One

    okay everyone Manami has just left us without saying a good bye or a sorry..U_U i was on her profile and noticed she left quitely and didn't have the heart to tell her friends about the sudden decision...:eek: :rolleyes: and i thought i was heartless...U_U
  9. Mai


    hi i'm new here:)