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  1. +BLOODsilent+

    [Ken] House plays with swords

    I know your very busy and stuff so when you get the time I'm ready. Honor to get training from the infamous House sensei. The training is Kenjutsu.
  2. +BLOODsilent+

    Bio help

    Need help with new bio temple changing and stuff just used regular temple but want one with huey freeman from boondocks. Need pictures and bio help.
  3. +BLOODsilent+

    [Approved] サスケヒューイ

    Basic Information Name:Huey Uchiha Nickname:ボア| Boa Gender:Male Age:18 Clan:uchiha Looks : Huey is tan skinned 6ft ,with bold black eyes that are brown in the light. He has a black afro that is about 5 ft high. He is slim but very built for his age. He has two tattoos on his wrist (that are...
  4. +BLOODsilent+

    [Nin] Priest Teaches Snakes

    ~awaits in the branches of a tree~ ~sits and stabs tree wit le kunai~
  5. +BLOODsilent+

    [Tai] +Bloodsilent+ Returns (Korra's taijutsu Training)

    *Sits under a tree listening to Gangnam style on ipod to get ready*
  6. +BLOODsilent+

    [Approved] ルシファー| Lucifer

    Name:ルシファー|Lucifer Nickname:Unholy one, Archangel Gender:Male Age:N/A Clan:N/A Looks:Young Lucifer: His hair is short and pitch black. His eyes are yellow (since he was born his eyes have been like that for reasons unknown). His teeth are abnormally sharp almost vampire like, but his wisdom and...
  7. +BLOODsilent+

    (怒りの神)曼荼羅| Asura (God of Wrath)

    Basic Information Name:Asura Nickname:(怒りの神)曼荼羅 [God of Wrath] Gender: Age:28 Clan:None Looks:Asura is a dark tan skinned man. With a body designed by gods themselves. Asura is 6'3 with white almost silver like short hair. He wears a buddha rope and doesn't wear no shoes (unless there...
  8. +BLOODsilent+


    i would like this rendering of asap rocky to be have smoke in the back of him kumi to however does it the nicest.
  9. +BLOODsilent+

    Ready to fight i guess

    Looking for a fight R&R Stealing| None Killing| If you agree Terrain| Mountain side with large lake to my Left (your right) Don Flamingo bio post bio and choose who goes first.
  10. +BLOODsilent+

    Open spar

    R&R no stealing no killing unless we both agree grassy plain with lake on my left ( your right) post your bio and i'll make my move. The Creator
  11. +BLOODsilent+

    Blood vs Howard

    R&R Spar No Killing No Stealing Tron cat Grassy field with lake, and mountain behind it. Post your bio old friend and we will start or spar...
  12. +BLOODsilent+

    Me and my brother face off >.> the hell with it

    Spar all out NO killing NO stealing CJ allowed CE not allowed great plain with a river and a waterfall on my left (your right) post your bio and you can start if you want you ****** :| dof flamingo bio dof flamingo
  13. +BLOODsilent+

    Don quixote doflamingo ;)

    Basic Information Name:]Don Quixote Doflamingo] Nickname:Flamingo/Don Gender:MALE Age:39 Clan:UCHIHA Looks:Don is a very tall guy (around 7 feet) with blonde hair. Don is tan and fair skinned and and all skinny but muscular. Most to all times Don has a bright smile on his face and he...
  14. +BLOODsilent+

    The Creator

    Basic Information Name:Tyler Okonma Nickname: The creator/Tron cat/ Goblin Gender:Male Age:20 Clan:None Looks:Tyler is a tall brown skin male. He is redish color, and has pitch black eyes. Tyler has short cut hair and is tone, but not very muscular. Personality:Tyler is a very loud and...
  15. +BLOODsilent+


    tg00YEETFzg This song is the song of the year and cant be denied idc if your the most gangsta or redneck in the world this song has everyone listening to it at one point. I give rihanna my up most repect for this song and i like it to
  16. +BLOODsilent+

    bigger avvy

    can someone please make this avvy bigger and the word BLOOd going down the side (in red of course) 2000 kumi....i dont use my kumi anyways >.>
  17. +BLOODsilent+

    scar teaches me to be a great shinobi

    0_0 *sits in a tree waiting for scar*
  18. +BLOODsilent+

    0_0 Scar teaches me tai

    *Sets on a rock waiting for master scar to arrive*
  19. +BLOODsilent+

    Vixen v. Bloodsilent

    Friendly spar helping out my bae girl xd basic tai basic nin
  20. +BLOODsilent+

    Kid Ink

    Basic Information Name:Brain Collins Nickname:Kid Ink, Batman, Gender:Male Age:24 Clan:None Looks: Kid is a tan skinned 6'0 and Has short hair. He is tone and muscular, and has light brown eyes. Kid is young but his whole body is covered with tattoo's. He has a lighting blot and bat on his...