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  1. Boa Hancock

    Top-Selling Manga 2013 in Japan (First Half 2013)

    Source 1, 2 Source 1, 2, 3 Thanks Redon of APF because I don't have the time to copy them all religiously. I'm busy. :( The total for OP's Volume 68 sales is 2,188,845. The reason why it's not on this list is because it qualified for the previous one. Copied from my thread in OPB, because I...
  2. Boa Hancock

    [Discussion] This is a GREAT chapter. I see many more successes like this in Naruto's future.

    We will summarize Naruto's greatness by expanding everything that just happened. Narusaku will happen because it's the correct choice. Never mind that Hinata sacrificed herself twice to save Naruto, gave him a speech to rouse his fighting spirit, and have Neji die in the process! If Naruto...
  3. Boa Hancock

    Why is everyone praising this chapter?

    Realize that Kishi decided to show Naruto and Hinata's romance, instead of highlighting Neji's death and the sadness it brought to Team Gai. But no, random fodder got a bigger panel than the ones relevant to Neji's life! :mad: I'm happy for Naruto and Hinata and I've been a NaruHina fan since...
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    One Piece Manga's 1st Permanent Store Opens in Tokyo

    Source Pictures Well, it's a start.
  5. Boa Hancock

    [Spoilers] One Piece's Final Arc?

    The name of the book is One Piece Kioku (Memories). The reason why I put the title like that is because we don't know if that war arc is really the final one. This thread is also available in OPB.
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    Ricky Rubio vs Jeremy Lin

    The Spanish rookie sensation vs the unsung Asian backup. Who's the better point guard?
  7. Boa Hancock

    Can you name the best-selling Shounen Jump series in Japan?

    Well, can you? No cheating! "You got 28 out of 46 answers correct!" Here were my answers: Some titles I haven't even heard of :(
  8. Boa Hancock

    Nash still got it

    WGv4qrLqwRU 30/10 on 13-16 shooting. Still MVP caliber. <3<3<3
  9. Boa Hancock

    [Spoilers] Marines as Kids

    Garp is the one riding a tiger. Sengoku is the one writing calligraphy. Kizaru is the one sitting on a chair. Akainu would be the one with a sword. Aokiji is the drunkard.
  10. Boa Hancock

    [Spoilers] One Piece Movie 12

    Please let it come sooner, like June sooner, although we all know it's coming in November or December.
  11. Boa Hancock

    [One Piece] Pick-up Lines

    Pick-up Lines Oneshot Zoro was lying in the sweltering heat, drops of water dripping down his rock hard abs and sinewy muscle. Any girl looking at him would immediately drool, but not this one girl. See, they rescued this shipwrecked Marine crew in the New World, and it just so happened to...
  12. Boa Hancock

    One Piece Volume 65 cover

    So I guess Luffy's hand turns gold, not black, during Red Hawk.
  13. Boa Hancock

    Why you should watch G8 Filler

    gSihhEAF8T4 It's meaphe once again!
  14. Boa Hancock

    Real life Diable Jambe

    qGe5CvaNVBc Don't try this at home.
  15. Boa Hancock

    OP Kaizoku Musou for PS3

    I wonder why PositiveEmotions hasn't posted this yet. If he already did though, I'm sorry. Qu4oEHqQmgo Here's the first trailer for those who haven't seen it: 55fxazkEtxk East Blue arc gameplay: RLXXgDBj_TA
  16. Boa Hancock

    [Discussion] There is such a thing as Devil Fruit Mastery

    Instead of talking about Haki, let's talk about Devil Fruits. For starters, what are they? Devil Fruits Now that's out of the way, what is my point? My point is this. As much as I hate this page (I'm not a LuNa fan) you have to pay attention to Luffy's neck. It looks like Orochimaru, yes. Has...
  17. Boa Hancock

    [Spoilers] One Piece 653 Spoilers

    Credits to Aohige AP, T This might be Aohige's last spoiler because of a job, so we might get our spoilers later than the others' starting next week.
  18. Boa Hancock

    It's funny

    ... that how sometimes, the best drawn anime and manga are the worst when it comes to cliche usage and plot execution. I mean, in the first chapter (counting the cliches, not the unnecessary ones like black hair and the works): - We have an ecchi start to the story. - The little sister jumps...
  19. Boa Hancock

    [Spoilers] King of Demons? Just something I picked up during my reread of FI. Do you think there will be a King of Demons in OP? EDIT: I mean seriously people, don't post scans. Else in my break times I'd be reading a whole arc instead of eating dinner with the others. xd
  20. Boa Hancock

    What sport do you play or do?

    And what position? Mine would be: 1. Basketball - PG or SG 2. American Football - RB or WR 3. Boxing - Out-fighter What about you guys?