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  1. zeezzay

    Salad being the next Hinata/Sakura pairing fodder

    Since we know Salad likes boruto and stalks him, from the trailer is obvious boruto has feelings for Salad (but just acts like hinata in panic attack) Since boruto is guy his goal isnt just a girl, its everything and also saving the day Since salad is girl her life will like every other girl in...
  2. zeezzay

    Why did sasuke ignore Sakura????? Why????

    Their husband and wife, so why ignore her, he didnt even thank her nor touch her he ignored her completely. Look at Salad expression she seems shocked How her father treated her mother How is this love or any form of love Look at his love to Salad look at it, this is real love Kishi...
  3. zeezzay

    Weird Karin is never seen Salad yet she still knows Salad needs new glasses

    How would Karin know she never seen Salad for soooo long, just when she was baby, the fact she knows this more than Sakura just shows something is weird Also how is she connected to Salad from umbical cord? She doesnt have blood or bond relationship with Salad why would she say connection...
  4. zeezzay

    Can anyone tell me, why Karin has Salad/Sakura umbical cord,

    Why did sasuke ignore sakura I mean comeone if he really ****ed her at least he but his arm around her hand, thank her, he just left ignoring her Also Salad doesnt believe sakura her biological mom, she thinks connected to sakura through love Also why is karin saying she connected through...
  5. zeezzay

    Sasuke Uchiha is a disgrace to the Uchihas name!

    The fact he choose Sakura Haruno over Uzamki Karin or Hinata Hyuga, just shows he is disgrace. I have zero problem with sasuke marrying sakura, infact he could even have child with her (salad who is litterally a fodder (if only sakura was way more strong) she wouldnt be as shit she is now)...
  6. zeezzay

    I am sick of Sakura hate! Men are so sexiest!

    We all know this base is majority male, You know what hurts male the most Yes Sakura is most hated cause she reject noodles multiple time. This is nearly all guys say "naruto did so much for sakura, she still went for sasuke" But this what I am saying woman if she likes guy, the other guy...
  7. zeezzay

    Will SK and SS fans ever shut up

    By mangafact karin is Salad biological mother. By mangafact SS are married Deal with it ppl We dont know what happened and how, but as far now till next chpt SS are married and SK have child
  8. zeezzay

    People still think salad is bilogical daughter of sakura

    Is making me laugh, Seriously have they not been reading gadien? SS said after 699, karin will be irrelvant But the whole gadien was karin, and bond > blood Sakura bond with salad > salad blood connection with karin Ppl say sakura and salad have same eyes lol nearly all the females have same...
  9. zeezzay

    Of course salad will learn sakura justu

    Is only common sense, Sakura raised her not sasuke, sasuke never raised salad, how is she suppose to learn all those annoying uchiha justu Since salad is no longer uchiha (or she cant seems/have no interest in uchiha power) Is official to say uchihas are extinct, the last ever uchiha indeed...
  10. zeezzay

    Will ppl stop saying sasuke will adopt himwari and boruto

    Cause if sasuke is really married to sakura, I am pretty sure sakura doesnt want to raise more kids that arent her The laugh when sasuke brought salad to sakura, sakura agreed to take care of her Now even greater laugh if sasuke brings in two more kids, If naruto does die I think sasuke is...
  11. zeezzay

    My opinion on Naruto Uzamki

    Since there thread about sakura (by Toneri Ostuki) I believe there should be one on naruto. This not bash thread this is opinion So firstly we all know naruto thought or believed his childhood was like sasuke, but infact it wasnt naruto had no parents or sibilling (yes his childhood was sad)...
  12. zeezzay

    Seriously where all the spoilers?

    Last week narutobase was storming with all post and threads cause of spoilers This week theres only one spoiler Why hasnt evil posted anything maybe tmr chpts is not interesting (just sakura thinking how she kissed sasuke) As compare to last week where it was confirmed sadarra is karin...
  13. zeezzay

    Sadarra is not experiment sasuke had *** with karin

    Simple and true, Firstly we deffo know now karin is sadarra mother Dna test proves it all, not mention "the truth hurts" Not to mention sakura and expirment uchiha guy talk Whats most deffos that sasuke had it with karin, is cause sasuke himself said " is my fault stop blaming urself " to...
  14. zeezzay

    Naruto thought boruto was annoying, now he has to deal with Sadarra trouble look

    at Noodles face in these panel man noodles face looks pricless:lmao: I have never seen him more scared of anything than this (Sadarra) Where is Sasuke????? Why is it that is noodles is always dealing with uchiha girls crying (Sakura and Sadarra) does this remember ye all of something...
  15. zeezzay

    Will ss fans and sakura fan pls stop saying

    Sakura is sadarra mom Cause she is not Karin and sasuke are sadarra real biological parents Either sasuke wanted strong genes (as it was stated in last chpt) Or sadarra is expirement of sk dna Karin split image sadarra Sk are biolgical parents of sadarra But the one that truly deserves...
  16. zeezzay

    Told you all that sadaraa was SK and SS will be cannon

    In the new movie Kishi said it himself he will show in the new movie how ss will become canon. Maybe sakura will get injured saving sadara in the new movie sasuke will relaize how important sakura is to him. But as far now sadara is SK child, but ppl didnt listen when I was saying that, as...
  17. zeezzay

    I want to bet everyone

    That sadaraa is sasukarins child, Remember when sakura voice actress complained to ask kistomo to show us how ss will happen I bet in boruto movie they will show ss happening, Anyway back to topic is abvious sadarra is sasukarins child , the first chpt and if u guys bring this latest comment by...
  18. zeezzay

    What ever ppl say about sasuke, but sasuke truly

    Loves Sadarra The expression on his face today and last chpt when he saw sadarra Sasasuke loves sadarra more than noodles
  19. zeezzay

    The new kid sign at the back he is deffo.....

    He is deffo a Hyuga sign look at his belt Look at his belt, the drawing of the symbol is hyuga symbol (hinata and burto wore the hyuga symbol) This new kid deffo has connection with Hyuga :) cant wait for Hyuga hype :) also sadara real life story :)
  20. zeezzay

    so if sasuke is sadaraa daddy

    and if karin is the mother (if I said) and now sakura is the mother That mean when sasuke left sakura saying thank you meant ****in nothing Sasuke is pimp simple is the word, I wont be surpirised if has son with another woman (hyuga) who will fight buruto this will teach female lesson...