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  1. Rohan

    [Discussion] Whats your thoughts on the internets effect on society?

    It has a negative effect.
  2. Rohan

    Just another individual

  3. Rohan

    [Discussion] AnimeBase Mafia Game Chat

    Welcome. :)
  4. Rohan

    The Chatroom Corner V.4

    New shop items added. Gift Purchase 3,000 Kin Premium 1 Month A one month premium subscription. Don't purchase if you already have an active subscription! UniqueNoExclusiveNoGiftableYesDuration30 Days Purchase 1,000 Kin Username Change Change your username as many times as you want in...
  5. Rohan

    [Discussion] AnimeBase Mafia Game Chat

    @Michelle, you have a sub player here.
  6. Rohan

    What´s going on? :)

    Welcome to ABC, come play "Mafia" with us and check out the Mafia Guide!
  7. Rohan

    Just another individual

    Welcome to ABC, come play "Mafia" with us and check out the Mafia Guide!
  8. Rohan

    [Suggestion] Do something about the forum

    Welcome. :)
  9. Rohan

    [Suggestion] Do something about the forum

    It's cool. You should post more suggestions. :)
  10. Rohan

    [Suggestion] Do something about the forum

    I agree with the bold, hence in my suggestions made earlier, I said that the Spam forum game threads need to be archived. Spamming always ends up doing more bad than good in the long run.
  11. Rohan

    [Suggestion] Do something about the forum

    Making the Premium permanent defeats the purpose of it being a reward. The best system would be:- User posts in forum - Gets Kin - Buys Premium with Kin - Enjoys the features of Premium - Wants to buy Premium again - User posts even more. This cycle is what needs to be implemented. Premium...
  12. Rohan

    [Suggestion] Do something about the forum

    Don't blame yourself. We all pointed out a problem and a solution was put forward and implemented. The first step to solving a problem is accepting that a problem exists. While the break in partnership is unfortunate it is probably a necessary step forward. This is a big matter so the Staff...
  13. Rohan

    [Suggestion] Do something about the forum

    Your thread could have played a role in accelerating the announcement. Unfortunately Forums and Discord are not compatible with each other.
  14. Rohan

    [Suggestion] Do something about the forum

    So after reading the announcement, I will just say one thing. Don't make an AB Forum discord, the discord should be banned from the forums completely. If it is allowed, all the forum activity will go to the discord rather than stay on the forum. This applies espescially to the RP, the RP Mods...
  15. Rohan

    Important Announcement

    While the break in the partnership is dissapointing, at least the forum is been put in focus again. That I approve. 1553275694 P.S: Kudos for taking action, at least there will be some progress now.
  16. Rohan

    [Suggestion] Do something about the forum

    Bring back FUB, Hidden Phrase and Treasure Hunt contests.
  17. Rohan

    [Question] Purchase

    1 Month Premium = 500 Kumi. There is no Kin rewards for Premium. I don't think you can buy Kumi with currency but Kin is possible.
  18. Rohan

    [Suggestion] BBCode List Request

    I made a thread on the container bug a month ago. It has still not been fixed yet. O_O
  19. Rohan

    DUWANG intro

    Welcome to ABC, come play "Mafia" with us!
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