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  1. chopstickchakra

    [Question] Will Big Mom be in Elbaf?

    I don't think anyone actually thinks she'll die this arc but I wonder if Oda will reignite her chase of SH's once Wano ends and will that carry to Elbaf or not? If she's been reset to a kid and stays that way until she reaches Elbaf it could create for an interesting return where she essentially...
  2. chopstickchakra

    Change that word!

  3. chopstickchakra

    [Suggestion] Do something about the forum

    Noticed the same thing a little while back. It's fine if that's what you want to do but it seems odd more than half the posts on an anime/manga forum are geared towards mafia games and counting threads etc. I say if the visits aren't going up like you'd hoped, run the risk and be a sharing...
  4. chopstickchakra

    [Question] Where do you think Vegapunk came from?

    I'll admit I forgot that one line in that one panel in a brief "where are the sh's now" chapter but to add a little argument to the discussion the residents tell Franky "this is where the genius was born" but that could as easily mean 'this is where Vegapunks creations/creative process/genius...
  5. chopstickchakra

    [Predictions] One Piece Manga Chapter 936 Discussion and 937 Predictions

    I love that Luffy's gotten good enough to use conq. haki at will and apparently targeted as well. Also love that Germa is so well known throughout the North Blue, idk why but it's nice seeing all these reputable pirates recognizing this organization.
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    Whats your favorite animes from the 90s

    Never any zoids love... That makes me a sad liger
  7. chopstickchakra

    [Predictions] One Piece Manga Chapter 935 Discussion and 936 Predictions

    I was thinking about that too but if the sea makes them so weak they can't control their body it makes sense it would weaken his ability to control his body to use haki as well though with these cuffs made to weaken you enough to work he should still be able to use some haki I would think.
  8. chopstickchakra

    [VS] Katakuri gauntlet

    I hear ya on the one shot part, not many(if any) character is gonna get one shot by a character on a comparable level and yes a Yonkou's top 3 are comparable even if there is an established hierarchy.
  9. chopstickchakra

    [Discussion] Who do you consider well written female characters

    Revy from Black Lagoon was pretty well handled
  10. chopstickchakra

    [VS] Katakuri gauntlet

    "for that period of time"? You act like they fought for a long time, it wasn't even an hour fight.
  11. chopstickchakra

    [Debate] Is euthanasia ethical or unethical?

    Oh you're one of those people who hears the word religion and just stops listening regardless of what's said after, well I'm not going to entertain a back and forth so I'll just say this and be done. I didn't say religious people think euthanasia is a sin. I said most religious people believe...
  12. chopstickchakra

    [Debate] Is euthanasia ethical or unethical?

    What you're describing is suicide, the ill/affected ending their own lives, euthanasia is the medical practitioner doing it for them. Everyone has the freedom to end their own life already. Also about the religious part of your reply, in most religions suicide is a sin so religious people who...
  13. chopstickchakra

    [GAME] The Ban Game.

    That's the point of the game "You have to ban the person above with the most ridiculous reason" arbitrarily making a number "illegal" and banning you for it's use is ridiculous.
  14. chopstickchakra


    Finally got around to watching episode 1 and what the fuck man? It'll probably be a fine show but it's so far off they might as well have just made new characters. Gar isn't green, Star isn't Orange, her powers aren't fire based, she's not a murderous double agent, Dick seems much older than the...
  15. chopstickchakra

    [GAME] The Ban Game.

    lol nah I did want to try but got in and it was like reading gibberish. P.S. Banned for bringing up old shit.
  16. chopstickchakra

    [GAME] The Ban Game.

    Banned for being post #5,376. That's an illegal number.
  17. chopstickchakra

    Three word game

    emotion, leaving us The story so far; There lived peacefully in a small hidden ninja village, away from civilization, a man named, Monkey D Luffy. Was walking towards a dark forest when he found a pink haired, talking to animals. He heard her speaking foreign language and so he mocked her by...
  18. chopstickchakra

    [Predictions] One Piece Manga Chapter 935 Discussion and 936 Predictions

    I like Babanuki Look it's Queen I had a better gif but it was too large or something
  19. chopstickchakra

    [Question] Where do you think Dragon is from?

    I don't think you know what talking shit is. Have you been that abused that you're that on edge at every little comment? Or are you just that arrogant that you treat everything with self righteous indignation?
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