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  1. cryhwks

    Whats your favorite animes from the 90s

    Pokémon, Digimon, Trigun, Medabots, DBZ obviously, Yu Yu Hakusho. If Yugioh was from the 90's? Then that. I'd have to see a list of 90's Anime to really know?
  2. cryhwks

    [Predictions] Nanatsu no Taizai Manga Chapter 304 Discussion and 305 Predictions

    I loved this series before the current Arc, I'm honestly super bored of this Arc, I think this story line with Meliodas has gone on for far to long, either turn him back good or kill him off for real. I feel like it has to have been at least a 100 chapters, and I'm sorry even things like One...
  3. cryhwks

    [Discussion] Who is your favourite anime character, and why?

    Roy Mustang, FMAB is my all time favorite Anime and Mustang is a big reason for that. Why? For starters he's a badass, an I like his arc as a character.
  4. cryhwks

    [Predictions] My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 220 Discussion and 221 Predictions

    Good chapter, Gigantomachi is an interesting character. Very loyal to AFO. I really really hope we get to see the doctors face soon, so it will either prove or disprove the theory about him. But I think theory is true, with how Horikoshi is building up his face reveal it has to be for a reason...
  5. cryhwks

    [Predictions] One Piece Manga Chapter 936 Discussion and 937 Predictions

    Very good chapter, the pacing remains to be outstanding in this Arc. Wonder if Luffy could somehow remove that collar like Rayleigh did? Or is a little to different? Glade to see Luffy use Conquerors, since Observation and Armament seems to have another level, I've been wanting to see what...
  6. cryhwks

    [Predictions] One Piece Manga Chapter 935 Discussion and 936 Predictions

    Good chapter, we learned that Sea Stone can also neutralize Haki somehow? I kinda feel like that's a retcon? But I'll except. You can say that's why Ace never used any Haki during Marineford. The pace of this Arc is still very good in the 2nd Act. Feel like Luffy will be out of this prison in...
  7. cryhwks

    [Predictions] My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 219 Discussion and 220 Predictions

    I've been wanting see more of Gigantomachia, he is a beast.
  8. cryhwks

    [Discussion] Kingdom Manga

    The newest chapter was very good, Hara is firing on all cylinders right now. The middle of this Arc was tough to get through, but right now it was worth it to see Shin kicking ass. And this General he's so focused on Shin that he has no idea a Kyoukai sized arrow is coming straight for his...
  9. cryhwks

    [Discussion] Kingdom Manga

    Major History Spoilers - Thoughts/Theory on the Ending. . . . . Chances are that Shin ends up being Liu Bang? Liu Bang has a peseant background and with Qin ultimately falling, something like this happening would make the ending not feel like we wasted our time.
  10. cryhwks

    [Discussion] Kingdom Manga

    The reason why Kyoukai realized what Ousen was doing is because she'll be the one to explain it Shin/Us
  11. cryhwks

    [Discussion] Kingdom Manga

    In the previous chapter the Refugees talking about this made a statement like "Since we left our cities they've been with us" Meaning the moment Ousen sent them from the cities hidden soldiers were in their numbers. And also the hidden Refugees in this chapter said they we're Ousen's men. So...
  12. cryhwks

    [Discussion] Kingdom Manga

    While I liked seeing Ousen's plan happen with the inside guys, I was kinda bummed we had to wait an extra week for basically seeing Shin as a General. So I'm very excited for it, just happy there wasn't another chapter break.
  13. cryhwks

    [Discussion] Kingdom Manga

    Does Studio Pierrot still have the rights to the Anime? Wish another studio would start over and make the Anime. And whoever that is don't try to make it into a Shonen, keep as much of the violence as you can. And no 3D/CGI animations. It doesn't even have to be amazing animation just not 3D...
  14. cryhwks

    [Discussion] Kingdom Manga

    Been re-reading the Coalition Arc, just something I like to do every once in awhile, every time it still amazes me how good that arc was. But then when I finish I always get a little bummed out because one of the greatest arcs ever in Manga will probably never get Animated.
  15. cryhwks

    [Predictions] Black Clover Manga Chapter 193 Discussion and 194 Predictions

    Yuno finally showed up, was wondering when he would.
  16. cryhwks

    [Predictions] My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 217 Discussion and 218 Predictions

    Good chapter, I don't trust Monoma, cool Shinso will join one of the Classes, want him in A so he'll be featured more. Hopefully the next arc will be fighting villains arc.
  17. cryhwks

    [Discussion] Kingdom Manga

    Kingdom was very good this week, finally seeing Ousen's plan with the refugees start coming together is awesome, he is a genius. It was a 2 fold attack, make the city use up their food supplies but also hiding some of his own men with refugees so they can easily take the city from within. And...
  18. cryhwks

    [Discussion] What's gonna happen with big mom

    I have idea let's burn Oda at the stake before this storyline with BM plays out. A large part of BM storyline has been decated to her memories, Oda has clearly been planning this all along, almost all Oda's story threads come back around in a amazing way, like with this chapter and Oda...
  19. cryhwks

    [Predictions] One Piece Manga Chapter 931 Discussion and 932 Predictions

    Calm down people, Oda is the guy who teased what Sanji's suits ability would be in Thriller Bark I'm sure this same guy has something interesting planned with BM.
  20. cryhwks

    [Predictions] My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 214 Discussion and 215 Predictions

    I don't think it's ever been stated for fact that AFO didn't now that his brother had a Quirk, that is what All Might believed but that doesn't mean it was true. Until I hear AFO say he didn't know, I'm going assume that the guy who is clearly the big Mastermind of the series that he planned for...
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