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    [Predictions] Any predictions for chapter 1000?

    It'd be the Kozuki's way of saying that indiscriminately hunting families as they did in the past is wrong.
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    [Predictions] Any predictions for chapter 1000?

    Maybe Yamato becomes Shogun till Momosuke is old enough. Might even pretend to be Momo's actual dad.
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    [Discussion] Can trafaglar law's room technique cut buggy into pieces???..

    I think Buggy would still be able to piece himself together. When Law cuts people, their bodies become like Buggy's is, and Buggy is familiar with being split.
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    [Predictions] Any predictions for chapter 1000?

    Luffy will find the One Piece before you find enel scanz.
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    [Predictions] Ryou a 4th kind of haki?

    Like observation too? Ryou would make it like a telescope and sensing like a radar?
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    [Predictions] Ryou a 4th kind of haki?

    It means all the scabbards can do what Flower Gramps taught Luffy
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    [Discussion] A More Savage Personality

    I think Sasuke would've died. Haku purposely avoided using lethal force against Naruto, and I think that's mostly because the two spoke. A savage Naruto would probably give off a bad impression, and keep Haku's emotions in check.
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    [VS] Whole Cake attack ft. 9 Red Scabbards

    RECENT SPOILERS AHEAD, TURN BACK IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THEM Replace the Straw Hats in the Whole Cake invasion with the 9 Red Scabbards. They're on the cake castle's roof and they see: Kata, Cracker, Pero, Belly Rub Dude, Oven, Book Clown Dude, and Big Mom. They have Bege, but Bege has no men with...
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    [Predictions] One Piece Manga Chapter 987 Discussion and 988 Predictions

    So are all the scabbards slightly below Jack? It's really hard to gauge their strength. Ashura, Dog, Cat, and Denji are all comparable to Jack, but likely weaker because so much of Jack's strength lies in his endurance. I personally believe Kanjuro is the strongest, but he's likely between my...
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    Was there any significance to why eren asked that question to mikasa

    I think it was similar to when he was waiting for the crowd's reaction to the speech of Marley's Old Leader(dunno his name, but he was killed by Eren). To me, it's a question of where people place their allegiances. The one at Marley was whether the world would be against Paradise or neutral...
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    [Theory] Spoilers------Titan Lighting Theory

    AoT is worth reading multiple times.
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    CE Finals Kyubi cloak Naruto godstomps CE Finals Sasuke?

    Yea, now that you mention it, clones could turn the matchup and he does have defensive abilities. Even more, Naruto doesn't have to actually outperform Lee anyways because Lee loses if he can't incapacitate the real Naruto before his timer runs out. I 100% agree with the reasoning, but the...
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    [Suggestion] New ways to revive this place

    Of course not! Weebs are to be banned on sight!
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    [Suggestion] New ways to revive this place

    I don't think the forum being slow has much to do with the site itself. AB's issue is that it's a forum with few active users. Whatever caused the problem was long ago, and changing the site isn't the solution. Forums aren't joined primarily for their features. The very first things people look...
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    Whats so good about demon slayer?

    This is the case with almost every shounen though lol
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    [Discussion] Danzo's true powerz befor he implanted sharingans and zesu tna..

    I always assumed he's kinda like Hiruzen and Orochimaru. They have signature stuff(staff, snake, wind), but their jutsu sets still have almost everything else too. Wouldn't surpise me if Danzo can use the village's hidden techniques like Hiruzen. Pretty fitting when you think about it because...
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    [Discussion] Luffy's hidden powers??

    I want to say that it's just plot, but you may be right. Blackbeard could feel Luffy's haki long before Luffy could even use it, so it's definitely possible to sense innate strength.
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    [Predictions] yamato is gonna turn into a real boi

    Yamato wants to be like Oden, so maybe she'll sail with the WB pirates too.
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    [Predictions] One Piece Manga Chapter 986 Discussion and 987 Predictions

    I know he's been doing it since forever now, but it's always so amazing to see Oda moving so many different parts simultaneously.