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  1. Arthorius

    Clefts of Targinar (241)

    What a fascinating power, Lucifer though to himself, after seeing Ozymandias create a creature of what looked like solid light, it was a saddening sight though too, he could see how something with such power could be intoxicating to these humans. Allowing them to do things they were never meant...
  2. Arthorius

    Custom Technology Submission

    Shizukana Yoru | Silent Night Type: Supplementary Rank: A Range: Short-Mid Chakra: N/A Damage: N/A Description: Silent Night is a spherical palm sized metal container, similar to smoke bombs, however the detonators contain a mixture of several types of powder that causes the detonator to explode...
  3. Arthorius

    Custom Element Bureau

    Custom element Japanese name: Genshi Supaku Custom element English name: Primordial Spark The element is based on: Lightning and Sea of life Facts that prove the element to be possible (in the manga context): In the manga context there is no proof of the sea of life existing, since it’s...
  4. Arthorius

    Custom Jutsu Submission - IV

    Genjutsu: Sofuto Bodi | Illusion Technnique: Soft Body Type: Offensive Rank: A Range: Short-Mid Chakra: 30 Damage: 60 Description: Forming three handseals, the user will cast a genjutsu upon their opponent, rather than altering the enviroment at all this illusion will instead alter how the...
  5. Arthorius

    The Battlements (245)

    "Yes, that is for the best." Lucifer says, following Ozymandias LLM
  6. Arthorius

    [HA] MPM

    Yeah I understand these three, honestly they are all a bit... not great. But that being said they can have situational use, and they give some concepts to work on customs wise and show that the MPM can be used in creative ways.
  7. Arthorius

    [HA] MPM

    This one is the cornerstone of the actual MPM techniques, it's a pseudo mode, in that it doesn't count as a mode in a similar way to sage mode or curse mark activations, but it behaves as one in battle, which really needs new terminology at this point of the RP honestly. But I digress, the...
  8. Arthorius

    The Battlements (245)

    Mission: Search a cultist landmark (C rank custom) “Yes, as you say.” Lucifer replied curtly, Ozymandias had a rather commanding tone, it seemed as though he was used to commanding those around him, it made Lucifer interested to know what sort of human he truly was. The information he...
  9. Arthorius

    [KG] Seimei No Umi

    Yeah seems like a very cool steroid, but with limitations mainly relying on the presence of the sea of life, I probably won't lure many victims to the Hokubu ocean, so making moves that flood the field with the sea of life in various ways, and creates more sources, that'll be ideal.
  10. Arthorius

    [KG] Seimei No Umi

    Oh nice, that gives me a lotta ideas for customs, I suppose the only question I have about this is since they are autonomous and I see no mention of like move cost, can these arms be used each turn with no move cost or do they cost a move to inflict the 90 damage via punches/blasts and would the...
  11. Arthorius

    The Battlements (245)

    Mission: Investigate the mysterious illness (B rank) Lucifer looked down from the battlement towards Ozymandias, it seemed even with the sickness the man was a capable fighter, charred skeletal remains laid at his feet, and he seemed relatively unharmed. Lucifer on the other hand had foolishly...
  12. Arthorius

    The Battlements (245)

    Coming from: Mission: Defeat a small group of undead (B rank) Lucifer stepped on to the battlements alongside his new found comrade Ozymandias, the man was quite unwell during their journey Lucifer had noticed his laboured...
  13. Arthorius

    Excavation Site (244)

    As you say friend, let me know if you need to rest, others I met with this virus couldn't stand, you must be a strong human to be travelling. Lucifer follows the man, leaving the area with him. LLM
  14. Arthorius

    [CJ] Illusions with Arthorius

    No questions friend, and thank you very much.
  15. Arthorius

    Excavation Site (244)

    A cult you say, that's interesting, very interesting. I am also tracking the virus yes, though it seems to not effect me I can only hazard a guess as to why that's the case. You seem to be unwell, Ozymandias, this virus is everywhere, would you care to allow me to help your investigation? We...
  16. Arthorius

    Excavation Site (244)

    "My name is Lucifer. Who are you human, are you alone in this land? What happened here?" Lucifer replied calmly and slowly to the man in front of him, he was dressed richly, and his skin had a darker coloration to it, though that was harder to notice given the red blotchy damage. It seemed...
  17. Arthorius

    Excavation Site (244)

    Lucifer arrived at the excavation site and his eyes widened slightly in surprise, the area seemed to have been torn apart, fragmented machinery laid around the terrain, man made it seemed. What had they been doing here, were they looking for something, the mother’s presence was strong here too...
  18. Arthorius

    Sanctuary of the Sun (250)

    Coming from here: Lucifer walked through the area, bathed in a soft light, this place had her presence too, were these places of worship he had passed over, the layout intrigued him but he must press on. Though he vowed to return and...
  19. Arthorius

    Shard of Evil (249)

    Coming from here: Lucifer stepped across the shard of evil, he could feel her presence even greater than before, she must have touched this place. It was teeming with life, wild and powerful, very few...
  20. Arthorius

    Sanctuary of the Moon (248)

    Coming from: Lucifer arrived on land once more, this place seemed special to him, he felt it in his very core. The mother had walked here, or those close to her at the very least. Her presence could be felt more strongly...