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  1. Imperfection

    Favorite videogame ost

    I listen to lots of vg music Also wasnt sure whether to put this in gaming section or this section but whatevs What game(s) do you think has a great soundtrack? I kinda love wind wakers soundtrack Half for nostalgia, and also just because its effin relaxing
  2. Imperfection

    If you had your own country what would you name it?

    I'd name my country smugland
  3. Imperfection

    Ask me questions

    Hey yall, I was thinking of doing a video (probably just a voice recording for now) where I could answer some questions you may have: about me, about life, about anything I'm gonna be taking questions tonight until a little later and may make a video to post tomorrow, depending on if people...
  4. Imperfection

    Whats your favorite bada$$ moment in dragon ball?

    In og dragon ball, dragon ball z, gt or super Mine is when gohan did the father son kamehameha against cell
  5. Imperfection

    Can you imagine nothing?

    @Demon come here I feel that youd like this thread I'm hoping that this makes sense, I wanted to have a place to share this. One of the thoughts I've been having lately and just cant seem to wrap my head around is the idea of just, nothing. Like, when we sleep and wake up and have had no...
  6. Imperfection

    What weapon(s) would you take with you in a zombie apocalypse.

    ...Or in any high stakes/survival situation. Could be Fictional/Non fictional and even made up weapons I'd bring a lightsaber and a portal gun
  7. Imperfection

    Do you gamble?

    I'm not huge on gambling myself, since the odds of winning are always so slim (of course, that's the point). Occassionally I'll buy a scratch off here and there, like today is the first time in like 2 months I've bought a scratch off, and they were just 1$ lucky 7's. I got 3 of them and won 21$...
  8. Imperfection

    Whats your favorite board game?

    Mine is probably monopoly
  9. Imperfection


    Let's make some haikus ( basically short poems in 3 lines of 5, 7 and another 5 syllables) Feel free to look up what a haiku is if you dont know what it is or how to write one. Me 1st Man this ideas great I am really o so smart I expect great things
  10. Imperfection

    Funniest official anime dubs

    What are some anime(s) you've watched that you think has some of the worst and or funniest english translations and dubbing? (Official only so abridged series dont count) Ghost stories is a pretty obvious one but that kinda goes out of it's way to be like an abridged since the original ghost...
  11. Imperfection

    Suggest me some good horror novels

    I havent read anything in a long time and I'd like to Starting with something horror/thriller I'd say I'm mostly interested in like eldritch horror and the supernatural
  12. Imperfection

    Whats your favorite dinosaur?

    Mine is the stegosaurus
  13. Imperfection

    Whats your favorite disney movie?

    Mine is mulan 2nd fav is Aladdin
  14. Imperfection

    Wheres your favorite place to hang out?

    I figured since were all in quarantine and everythings kinda closed rn wed all share some favorite places we'd go to if it weren't the case just for the heck of it. I myself hang out a lot at dave and busters (is an arcade + restuarant) with the few friends I have lol. Also there is this street...
  15. Imperfection

    Do zodiac signs really matter all that much?

    Like, they're really fun to talk about and think about. But do you think, lets take for instance your own zodiac sign... that it really tells who you are personality wise? Like I hear several people being like, "well I cant be with this sign", or "oh god I hate that sign" - as if thats entirely...
  16. Imperfection

    Do you have a tattoo?

    If not, do you think youd ever get one? I've seen a few friends on facebook talk about the first thing they're gonna do after quarantine is get a new tat lol. I have 3. The one I love most was an original work that the tat artist did for me, it's a red and black koi fish surrounded by waves...
  17. Imperfection

    Do you collect anything?

    Some people have a hobby of collecting things just cuz I tend to collect different types of stones. Usually very pretty or interesting ones. I used to collect some magic the gathering cards
  18. Imperfection


    Yall doing anything for it? I'm not exactly religious so for easter I never really do anything, and especially with this virus theres not much to do outside. I got the small siblings their Easter baskets and a few other things for them to make em happy but that's it.
  19. Imperfection

    When you meet someone in deep grief

    Not mine. Author's name is Patricia Mckernon Runkle. A friend showed me this poem and I felt the want to share it here. I really like it. When you meet someone in deep grief “Slip off your shoes and set them by the door Enter barefoot, this darkened chapel hollowed by loss, hallowed by...
  20. Imperfection


    Have you ever had any weird or just interesting dreams? I had a dream last night that my house was built on a cliff, and the cliff was... wobbly? Idk it was weird, but everything just seemed like it could fall off at any second. I was terrified. I have no idea what the hell it means and I...