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    Sage or Several Paths?

    Consider the following Sage Mode variations - Curse Mark - Frog Sage Mode - Snake Sage Mode - Natural (Hashirama) Sage Mode - Six Paths Sage Mode Which Rinnegan paths would be equivalent to each, if a character like Iruka or Mizuki were to get them? Paths: - Tendo/Deva/Divine Path -...
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    Team Zabuza vs Team Gai

    Round 1: Scrubs Two of Neji, Lee and TenTen will take on two from Haku, Gozu and Meizu, to insure survivors for the Final Round No knowledge Round 2: Hubs Zabuza vs Gai No knowledge Round 3: Dubs The winners of each round will be joined by whoever did not participate in R1 Full knowledge...
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    Chidori Test

    Who can dodge/avoid/counter Chidori? Round 1: Full battle At the start of the battle, they have full knowledge Kakashi has to finish them off with Chidori Round 2: Direct clash Kakashi is charging from the front 2-3m distance Round 3: Trapped Kakashi has the opponent trapped with Dogged...
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    [Tier] Sannin Combinations

    The Sannin trio were a grouping that was too strong for those below them and too weak for those above them, the idea being that they own well-balanced move sets set limits upon them while keeping anyone below at bay. Well, that was the idea at least. Were there any other groups who had a...
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    [Theory] Clones Hidden in the Mist Combo

    Zabuza seems to have been praised far higher than his abilities allow him to be worth. And unlike characters like Tsunade (who has support utility) and Shikaku (strategist), his praise was always direct to his battle ability. What if he actually is that strong (enough to challenge and kill a...
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    [VS] Demonic Statue vs Hidden Cloud

    Raikage, Killer B, Killer C, Darui and that rubber guy Full knowledge, no Beast Form, Island Turtle The Statue is sane, obviously
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    [Discussion] Meme Jutsu Thread (Discuss, Rate, Post)

    This thread is for posting, rating/ranking and/or discussing various techniques which could be done based on manga principles. 1. Sannin Power Tsunade uses Byakugo to boost the Hydra Technique of Orochimaru to 10× its normal size. Jiraiya summons the Sage Toads to add NE to strengthen the...
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    [Discussion] Is Jiraiya the most balanced shinobi?

    In close range, he can use his Shadow Form to capture any enemy and make them kill themselves with an explosive tag. We know from Kakashi vs Deva that jutsu which require only a few tags can be completed faster than common taijutsu moves. We know Jiraiya himself was fast enough to complete the...
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    [Question] Is Fuuton the Best Combat Element?

    Now of course we can't act like manga showings are all there is. This is simply because the manga focusses on the story of particular characters instead of being some documentary that attempts to expose everything in equal measure. So some things will have gotten better exposure than others...
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    In the manga, sage mode is described as the ability to utilize nature energy. Irrespective of skill level, nature energy always leaves signs on the user, particularly animal features and markings on the face. Now the common assumption is that the manga always tells when someone has specific...
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    [VS] Baki vs Edo Tensei Itachi

    Round 1: Warm Up No chakra may be used Round 2: Sparring Only chakra or chakra based techniques may be used Round 3: War All abilities allowed 2 days preparation For each round: Full Knowledge Baki has two sealing tags 15m distance Somewhere with both water and stones What say you?
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    [Tier] Clone Rankings

    Rank the best clones and clone users in the series. Consider both number and ability of clones produced. Zabuza - water clones Kakashi - shadow and lightning clones Kiba - shadow clones Naruto - shadow, sage and Kurama chakra mode clones Kankurou - puppet clones Killer B - ink and tentacle...
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    Mifune vs SM Naruto

    Mifune attacks Konoha instead of SPoP. Full knowledge to both sides. Fight begins when Naruto is summoned by the Sage Toads.
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    [Discussion] Should there be a library/compendium/storage of langauges

    Firstly and simply, in light of how globalization is wrecking many languages and capitalism doesn't really give these languages a fighting chance. Secondly, in light of how many major fields of study speak of epic yet probably disastrous changes happening to the earth in coming days which means...
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    The Supremacy of Rashōmon

    What makes summons so useful is that their power is their power irrespectiveof your own power. Something like, just because baby Naruto is baby level doesn't mean that Gamabunta will operate at baby level. He can just pop in and wipe out a squad of AnBu with a swing of his blade. Now of course...
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    [Tier] Rank these power-ups

    I noticed that Killer B could go up to seven tails in his V1 cloak while others entered V2 even with a few tails. So I wondered which would be better between seven tailed V1 and three tailed V2 So rank these power-ups in terms of the pure stats boost they offer: - Jinchuuriki V1, any number of...
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    [Question] Is it possible to use watermark?

    On posts or individual threads? If not, Can this feature be added?
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    [VS] Jiraiya vs Manda

    Round 1: Sparring No summons allowed Round 2: Warring No restrictions Round 3: Ratings On the tier list/hierarchical rankings, rank both versions Standard chunin exams stipulations, with a bigger exam room of course
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    [Tier] Shinobi Hierarchy - The Breakdown

    This thread is for the rankings. So let us rank the various characters - not according to brute power and such, but according their quality as shinobi. Explanations are welcome and encouraged. My Hierarchy: Zenith: [Perfect, if such is possible] - Zetsu the Will (He completed his mission...
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    Shinobi Hierarchy - The Makings

    In the manga, we often had statements of ability that left the generic fandom perplexed to the point of simply dismissing them as expressions of admiration. Among these were Hashirama calling Itachi the ultimate shinobi, Raikage calling Minato unsurpassable and such. Of course, these are...