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  1. omoishiroihito

    ★ Lawliet's Avatar & Signature Dump 2 ◕‿◕ -

    I am taking this, thanks
  2. omoishiroihito

    Konnichiwa minnasan

    Made a request but none responding. I'll browse the Signature dump thread to find one. Thanks :)
  3. omoishiroihito

    Avatar Request

    Hi,.. I am new here and I don't have a proper avatar just yet. Please anyone can create one for me. Please create a good forum avatar for me from the Saitama character, yup, that One Punch Man. Onegaishimasu
  4. omoishiroihito

    [One Punch Man] Saitama is Blast

    No, it would be disappointing (at least for me) if Saitama was Blast. Saitama is the strongest hero. Blast is Blast, it could be someone else but not Saitama.
  5. omoishiroihito

    [Discussion] Where to read manga now?

    Thanks for the suggestion. Does the site also list the latest release of One Punch man?
  6. omoishiroihito

    Konnichiwa minnasan

    Hi all.. Please allow me to introduce my self, I am a new member here. You may call me Omoishiroikun :) Yoroshiku onegaishimasu. p.s: I am currently looking for some cool anime arts for my avatar. Is there any request section here? Thanks