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  1. Retsu

    Naruto and Obito vs Sasuke and Orochimaru

    Who wins? War Arc of course.
  2. Retsu

    [Spoilers] Attack on Titan 84

    Did anybody catch the new chapter? Incase ppl don't know it's finally available and it's a good one
  3. Retsu

    [Question] why am I premium?

    I just hopped on nb like any other day and low and behold I am now premium. Is their any reason for my status being spontaneously upgraded or is this just a fluke? At least if their is some benefactor could you plz make yourself known so I can thank you. That is all.
  4. Retsu

    Which would you rather have complete mastery of...

    Sharinnegan or Truth seeking orbs?
  5. Retsu

    was I the only one

    Who laughed when we saw all that was left of madara was a pair of legs? I don't know why but I found it hilarious. Especially when hashi began trying to heal his legs, I just couldn't help but laugh. Plz tell me I'm not alone in thinking that was pure comedy gold.
  6. Retsu

    Naruto's defense officially better than susanoo

    Doing this from my phone so I can't add any scans. Now we all know that Naruto now has those truth seeking orbs, which we've seen tank an explosion of 4 bijuudama. However Naruto also has an upgraded bijuu mode cloak. We've seen his old bijuu mode cloaks tank 2 of the most powerful fire...
  7. Retsu

    Is it safe to say that....

    Gai is stronger than kakashi?
  8. Retsu

    Did Obito just take Maddy's staff?

    Last page seems to imply he did, the staff has those weird rings on it like when he had it the first time
  9. Retsu

    [Discussion] Who is the fake Lucy?

    Because I dunno
  10. Retsu

    Favorite Handgun?

    recently had the pleasure of getting to play with a few toys and one of them happened to be a kimber eclipse 1911. That thing was so beautiful it literally took my breath away, I had never seen a pistol that was so sexy. Anywho now I'm curious as to what other ppls favorite hand gun is but mine...
  11. Retsu

    Who had it worse when trying to invade konoha?

    Out of Pein and Obito? I was having a debate with another member and now I want to know what others think. imho in terms of difficulty it was pein. Obito was able to use his knowledge to sneak around the village undetected and was able to forcibly remove the fox from kushina before Minato even...
  12. Retsu

    [VS] SM Jiraiya and SM Naruto vs Minato and Hiruzen

    Sage mode Jiraiya and Sage mode Nardo vs Minato and Hiruzen, no rds allowed, Naruto can go six tails Who winz? Needless to say I think team sage mode stomps
  13. Retsu

    Hiraishin Giri

    This thread is about tobirama's ftg slash, and why it failed. In no way am I saying that ftg>all but it's obvious that if Tobirama or Minato catches you off guard and you're not a sensor, you're pretty much dead. Now first of look at this page. As you can see Maddy knew he was coming without...
  14. Retsu

    One thing I wonder about

    Is Samehada's origins, seriously the damn thing is alive, it's a living creature. Where are it's parents, or better yet, what are it's parents? I know kishi will never answer that question, but am I the only one who ponders this from time to time?
  15. Retsu

    Something I noticed about the 1 tails

    Shukaku recently surprised me when he used a curse mark to strengthen a certain jutsu of his. Also the markings on it's body look as if it's under the influence of a curse mark. However I also want you to notice it's eye I was looking at it and noticed it looked quite similar to the...
  16. Retsu

    Which village has the best fodders?

    I nominate the cloud, Omoi beat Deidara, and Kamui beat Nardo so bad it looked like someone got ahold of him with an ugly stick.
  17. Retsu

    Kishi deserves an applause

    Seriously, I loved this chapter, the manga is once again interesting and is beginning to get a little unpredictable, I thought for sure Nardo would not lose Kurama. I absolutely must give him praise as I haven't been this interested in the series for a while now, Kudos to you Kishi, you've once...
  18. Retsu

    Minato's base speed Underrated?

    I think ppl underestimate Minato's base speed, his foot speed and body flicker imho are well above that of most other ppl, but ppl do not take this into account when placing him in matches. Now the main thing I want to use to reinforce my point is the fact that Minato was called the fastest...
  19. Retsu

    Who can stop this scenario?

    Lets say Nardo goes BSM and spams a few dozen kcm clones, before summoning ma and pa toad. If ma and pa begin to do the frog song, who could survive thru BSM Nardo's onslaught and the clones in time to stop the genjutsu from kicking in, and how would they do it?
  20. Retsu

    Most Underrated Summons

    I wanted to make this thread for a while now, about two seriously underrated summons And it's these two little guys right here, Fukasaku and Shima, two of my absolute most favorite characters on Naruto, they are pretty much invisible to people as far as I know. I don't think people really...