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    Anyone still around since 2012?

    i was around then but my old acount was uchiha hovis
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    Dragon Ball Characters Are Strongest Bla bla bla.

    1) mafubaa can seal even a god..... 2)taijutsu hurts madara so people all of the z fighters can pretty much just use martial arts to beat him down plus goku ssjb ( ui is complete over kill) would destroy madara 3)genkidama does the same thing but to people with evil hearts and seeing as most...
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    [Predictions] Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 48 Discussion and 49 Predictions

    yeah but you gotta remember gohan had a)no idea that 7.3 had energy drain and its the first time in this arc weve seen some gohan action also meerus being an angel is exciting especially since grand priest seems to be hiding something
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    Chapter 40 is out

    mitsuki needs to drop that sage chakra asap
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    Post the first thing that comes into your mind V2.

    whats newly released and what do people think of *xyz* chapter
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    What would you like to see in the Boruto series?

    just think it'd be a good output man , seems to bug you allot but everyone is clear boruto =/= naruto in terms of storytelling but lets see where it goes tbh , never know in like 10yrs kishi might retcon it like akira did with gt and continue from the end of the war in a different direction haha
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    What would you like to see in the Boruto series?

    all you ever say is you hate boruto and the writing shit , like if it bugs you that much, write and illustrate a manga bro so we can see "good writing"
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    How many of you guys still keep board games at home there you go
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    [Theory] Elder Son manipulated his fathers tablet

    didnt black zetsu write the tablet and give it to the elder son indra when he wasnt picked as the canidate to relieve the so6p
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    [Predictions] My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 250 Discussion and 251 Predictions

    im loving the fact that endevours given so mych story with deku bakugo and shoto but this ending dude is kinda creepy
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    [Predictions] Black Clover Manga Chapter 229 Discussion and 230 Predictions

    astas new look on the mangas cover looks kinda like hes in the bulky super trunks form but i ts still lit, also asta going hard already but was he in black asta mode when he was flying? cause we dont see it just a distant shadow so im guessing he can switch it on and off easily now
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    I'm back...I think?

    i lost my acc cause cant fine the log in but it was :
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    [Spoilers] Black Clover TimeSkip

    would have loved to see it like how kurama taunts naruto and takes over when narutos emotionally unstable in pt 1 but guess the demon doesnt use emotions as a gateway in
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    [Spoilers] Black Clover TimeSkip

    i think asta and yuno are gonna jump leaps and bounds but also noelle, leo, magna , luck and even a few known knights from other squads , hopefully we see black asta with two wings and two horns soon
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    [Predictions] Black Clover Manga Chapter 228 Discussion and 229 Predictions

    yeah theyre not gonna even give us a training montage in the manga :c
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    [Discussion] do you think fairytail 100 year quest is gonna get animated?

    like for real i need ignia to be animated and natstu losing control after eating the fire dragon god flames from ignia and white dye vs diablos vs natsu lucy gray and co. opinions?
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    [Theory] Could Sarada have Amaterasu?

    im sure the izinami backstory was in the manga but was only maybe like 4 -5 panels but i could be wrong