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  1. Hei

    Guide: How to make an AMV

    This was on reddit and i'm sure it'll be helpful to everyone who want to start making AMVs. Will add few points along with the user's original post(u/Captain_Chiggs). Definition: An anime music video (AMV), known in wasei-eigo as MAD (music anime douga), typically is a fan-made music video...
  2. Hei

    Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou [Summer 2019]

    Came across on YouTube and that anime got me.The graphics looks pretty good,cool looking MC. Will start aring on summer 2019. Plot. P.S Don't forget to check our Anime Week Schedule to see upcoming anime ;)
  3. Hei

    ➥Anime Season: Spring 2018

    In the chart you can see all anime that will be aired in the winter 2018.
  4. Hei

    Devils' Line Teaser

    The anime based on Ryo Hanada's Devils' Line manga. Sypnosis
  5. Hei

    Godzilla Anime Movie(s)

    Netflix announced on Sunday that it will stream the first film in the Godzilla anime trilogy, Godzilla: Kaijū Wakusei, in 190 countries starting on January 17. The film will be available in Japanese and seven other dubbed languages, and in 23 subtitled languages. So what do you think about...
  6. Hei

    ➥Anime Season: Winter 2018

    In the chart you can see all anime that will be aired in the winter 2018.
  7. Hei

    [Photoshop] World Colors

    I was just messing around with PS a bit.Intentionally used such variety of colors (here goes the title >.>) single image I know the circle behind her seems awkward but i've just left it there,to fill in the center.Anyway CnC are welcomed as always o-o
  8. Hei

    Kyouran Hey Kids!

    Was made not so long ago for a certain person.It was an experimental signature but still....Zzz CnC ?
  9. Hei

    Ousama Game The Animation

    Never read manga,but it looks quite promising and ought to be one of the best gore/psychological anime. Here is the description: Nobuaki Kanazawa, who transferred to a high school far away, is afraid of getting intimate with his new classmates because of the events that happened from his...
  10. Hei

    Boruto ⦾

    I got bored a little .-. Dattebasa ~
  11. Hei

    Amnesia ✔

    It's been ages since I tried to make something ,a simple tag .-. Render : CnC if any
  12. Hei

    ♰ Deadly Beauty ♰

    Decided to post old Sotw entry ,it's been some time since I have posted any works so.... CnC ? ._. Render
  13. Hei

    ☂ Avatar request ✘

    So I need your help with making me a cool avatar,everyone feel free to give a try ( I don't usually bite lol ) So here we go,i need a basic 150*200 avatar Sources I like all pictures above so it'd be great if you can try all of the,if not that's fine too Show all you've got guys ;) Try...
  14. Hei

    Samsung A7 or Microsoft Lumia 950

    Specs definitely look great on both but still can't decide which one to buy. Any recommendations guys ?
  15. Hei

    Asian Girl かわいい

    Found this tag of mine that i made maybe couple of months ago,nothing fance anyway decided to show it finally I wish i could find the render in the dump of mine inside PC >.> Anyway,CnC ?~
  16. Hei

    Mekaku City Actors

    Was a bit bored .-. Too lazy for tag >.>
  17. Hei

    [Photoshop] Heaven's sword

    .-. CnC would be nice ~.O
  18. Hei

    [Photoshop] Beyond Fantasy

    CnC ? Original images
  19. Hei

    タグ Danganronpa

    After passing exams i felt like i should open PS once again. Render: Feel free to leave a comment ◕^^◕
  20. Hei

    [Photoshop] Simple Coloring~

    Small coloring of mine :P It's one of first coloring i made so CnC and other tips are highly appreciated :)