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  1. Jin

    [CJ] Ssssssssnake

    Ayeee I agree. :lok:
  2. Jin

    [Happy Holidays & New year] Mini Lottery Event

  3. Jin

    [CJ] Ssssssssnake

    I agree to the trade.
  4. Jin

    :0 What was the most recent movie you've watched?

    Spider-Man: Far From Home Was expecting more, honestly, but it was an overall nice movie.
  5. Jin

    Creative Writing Competition #1 - Voting

    Voted, I had to go through hell to read all these stories -.-
  6. Jin

    Server maintenance

    Did I miss anything ? o_O
  7. Jin

    One Piece RP

    Please explain yourself better. I lost some braincells reading this.
  8. Jin

    One Piece RP

    How many people do actually know about Black Clover though ? It’s still a new manga/anime. MHA has potential, but we’re talking about which RP would attract the most members, and I don’t think it is yet that popular. On the other hand, OP has been running for years and I don’t think there’s a...
  9. Jin

    One Piece RP

    Sounds good. The Natuto RP is complicated right now and I’ve heard people find it hard in general. This would be interesting and fun at the same time. People might find it easier to join, at least in its early stages.
  10. Jin

    The Chatroom Corner V.4

    IIRC, it was on HIDIVE and Funimation.
  11. Jin

    New things!

    I missed the old logo :3 The colors of the new theme are really relaxing, but I feel like it's still lacking. Cannot wait for the new features. KIU ^^
  12. Jin

    GOTM # 01 ~VOTING~

    Wanted to vote 2nd but ended up voting for 3rd by mistake ...
  13. Jin

    why did you choose your name

    Second coolest name after Gin, which I cannot use anymore, unfortunately ?.
  14. Jin

    [Discussion] AnimeBase Mafia : A Dance with Cult

    LMAO I'm bought. Wish there was some sort of animation at the top though ... Thanks, Rei linked me too. Can someone please let me know when the current game is finished ?
  15. Jin

    [Suggestion] Cooking Contest suggestion | Meal of the Month

    LOL wouldn't this be too much of a stretch right now though ?
  16. Jin

    Turtle Chat

    OMG I couldn't find you anywhere I'm so sorry Tsuki sama ;-;
  17. Jin

    Turtle Chat

    @Horus @Klaus @Anna @Detective L @UNDFTD @Souji @Six Pāths1 @Azu @suki @Naruto. @Skorm Hello ...
  18. Jin

    [Suggestion] Way´s to help AB :)

    Wonderful :P
  19. Jin

    [Suggestion] Way´s to help AB :)

    Awesome, keep me posted :'3 Can I be yours too please ? Not sure why I would do that :(