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  1. Waindo

    Post music from your country

    An instrumental tribute, a brilliant mashup from 7 of his songs, to probably the best singer Croatia ever had; Oliver. He passed away from cancer last summer.
  2. Waindo

    [Suggestion] Voice of the Month | Singing contest

    .... but why not?:anna: One can record themselves even with a phone today, participants post their audio or video to the host before the deadline. Some kind of AB proof would be needed ofcourse. :win:
  3. Waindo

    [Suggestion] Cooking Contest suggestion | Meal of the Month

    Another Monthly Contest idea of mine, every issue can have a different theme, either a specific cuisine, ingredient, color etc. Participants would have to post a photo with NB....sorry...AB proof on it and full recipe beneath the photo. Whaddaya guys think? :whistle::p
  4. Waindo

    Waindo's Avatar Fa©tory

    Welcome to the grand opening of the new and exclusive avatar workshop (finding new ways to kill the boredom lmao :ROFLMAO:) Here are a few examples of my avatars so you guys get a clearer picture of how my work looks like. Ask away. :)
  5. Waindo

    What's the most recent stand up comedy you've watched?

    There's a lot of great stand up comedians, I watch a GC vid at least once per week, so I'm gonna start with him, damn he would have so much material today if he was still alive... Looking at the state of the world today, the guy must be rolling around in his grave so fast that you could hook...
  6. Waindo

    What's the most recent cover song you've listened to?

    The title says it all. This one is probably the best cover of this song I heard 'til now. Ray would like this.
  7. Waindo

    Soul King Brook

    I was way too high when I made this one.
  8. Waindo

    Condor the ninja ostrich

    This underrated legendary bird deserves an avy ya?
  9. Waindo

    [SciFi] ●○Code Geass x One Piece Crossover - Chapter 1: "My name is C.C."○●

    Previous chapters: ●○Chapter 0: Introduction○● Or read the prologue in the spoiler below. Narration Thoughts/flashbacks SFX ☆☆☆ AWAKE As the sphere was slowly opening, a man's voice was heard. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! There's a woman inside this thing, Gaban; quickly, come over here!"...
  10. Waindo

    [SciFi] ●○Code Geass x One Piece Crossover - Intro○●

    Narration Flashbacks SFX AWAKENING She was cold, so very cold. How long has she been locked in this metal sphere? Although gas and cold kept her in an artificial semi-coma, she had kept her senses and the notion of time, which was not really a good thing. She became crazy and even...
  11. Waindo

    [Other] Thrusting Fangs

    Unbinding my grip on my long lost friends, There's no way to tie a string that could possibly fray. Striving to find a medicine for whatever ails the common man, Mirrors upon mirrors to reflect pain back onto the predecessor. Cut the cord, and watch the ceiling crumble down, Can you feel the...
  12. Waindo

    [Adventure] When Nobody's Watching

    We're just like time, In perpetual flow; Every morning we're high, Late at night we're low. 'Tween the sunup's We nibble at crumbles of luck; The more we put our hopes up, The more we get f**ked. We're just like shadows, Following one another; Hordes of lonely souls, Although sisters...
  13. Waindo

    [Debate] The world we live in

    illustrations by Steve Cutts *check out this awesome animation by Steve Cutts b4 scrolling further. e9dZQelULDk We've outcasted and teared down every freaking living thing in our path as we build more, more and more malls, markets, shops and stores for needless mass consumption. Instead of...
  14. Waindo

    [Other] Soulsuckers

    You leech of our souls, And our pain is your gain; You feast on our emotions, And many of them you've slain. Still you let us live, As mates, consort and "food"; And we turn too weak to fight it back, While you nibble on our moods. Day by day we're getting older, But you decide to stop our...
  15. Waindo

    [Other] There Are No Absolutes

    With being right we're actually wrong, And while being wrong, we're always to some degree right. Curled up in every truth there's always a lying line and in every lie, there's always a sparkle of truth. There are never absolutes; There's no perfect truth and no perfect lie Just the...
  16. Waindo

    [Adventure] My 1st Book

    Long time ago I picked up my first book, It's cover was stunning to see. But I couldn't grasp the message of it; It's content was hard to read. So I handed this book to someone else; It was to complicated for me. Then one day I found it again It's covers - yellow, faded and worn. I've swallowed...
  17. Waindo

    Wacky & Alternative Book Titles

    Post covers of interesting and unusual books. If you've read it you can post a short review.
  18. Waindo

    Proper way of making popcorn

    Jamie Oliver eat your heart out. :)
  19. Waindo

    The World's Luckiest Unlucky Man

    The story of Frane Selak is so hard to believe that you’d walk away from a movie, heck, a documentary of his life thinking it was too unrealistic. But it’s not. It’s a true story. Selak cheated death seven times. He survived a train crashing into a frozen river, a plane crash by getting sucked...
  20. Waindo

    [Discussion] Happiness

    "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad." "Universal happiness keeps the wheels steadily turning, truth and beauty can't." - Aldous Huxley "When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I...