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    [Approved] ~Approved~ 3rd Kazekage

    Basic Information Name:3rd Kazekage Gender:Male Age:unknown Clan:N/A Looks:(see picture belong) Personality:Not much is known about him Village Info. Village of Birth: Village of Alliance: Rank//Chakra Info. Ninja Rank:Sannin Specialty:charka controll,iron sand Elements:All basic Your...
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    [Approved] ~Approved~ Kimimaro bio

    Basic Information Name: Kimimaro Nickname:Kimi-kun Gender: Male Age: 16 Clan:Kaguya clan (senoir member coz my kimiaro bone warrior account which makes the oringnal battle kaguya member) Looks: Personality: Village Info. Village of Birth:Village Hidden in the Mist Village of Alliance:N/A...
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    going, going , gone O.O

    im leaving the site so the first person to reply to this can have all my customs O.O
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    naruto true bio XD

    Naruto Uzumaki - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia
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    read this XD

    Naruto - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia
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    nero vs king..

    u can start ^^
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    do u think i should get 50MB boardband for ?52 pounds a month O_O
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    father vs son :D (nero vs king)

    what the terrain?? whats ur elements?? mine are wind,fire,earth and water :) but ill just use water,earth and wind to make it fair you can start goXD
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    nero vs sasukexlove (spar)

    *stands there with 6 sword in a holster on my back* U_U ready to die son O.o
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    i love me a girl with a fat ass

    dam there nothing more then a girl with a fat ass to get me going.
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    nero trains neko :)

    * sits down weight ,with loads of scrolls in front of me*
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    pein trains nero

    *sits down waiting*
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    Bleach Diamond Dust Rebellion subbed

    Bleach Diamond Dust Rebellion english subbed enjoy ^^ or...
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    Bleach Diamond Dust Rebellion raw

    heres is the raw of Bleach Diamond Dust Rebellion enjoy but u must have firefox to watch it
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    new bleach movie

    there bringing new bleach movie called Bleach: Fade to Black, I Call Your Name out in demeber the 13 in japan and it has something to do about rukia:D
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    nero getting trained by Akami

    *sits down waiting*
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    hey whats up people :D