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  1. scorezor

    [Discussion] What's there to predict in boruto?

    can you guys tell me what's there to predict? cuz im lost seriously and i was the best theorist ever... i wanna be able once again to predict everything and tomorrow im gonna re-read boruto and maybe watch / read naruto and watch some naruto movies as well so that i can get back to where i once...
  2. scorezor

    [Question] dragon ball super online

    is there a website where i can watch it with my brother? a free website xD
  3. scorezor

    site broken? where is the menu or the bar thingy that i had previously, with today's threads and all that stuff? i dont have that stuff...
  4. scorezor

    eset nod32 anitivurs YET AGAIN

    i woke up and i got this message. ESET LiveGrid Not accessible. The credentials used to access the ESET LiveGrid servers are not correct. the version is: i've already freaking googled it and nothing works... does any1 knows how to fix this shit problem without the need of...
  5. scorezor

    Messi is a fraud.
  6. scorezor

    Messi or Ronaldo?

    For me Messi is an "alien" aka better than Ronaldo. But... i know qualities that make Ronaldo better than Messi..
  7. scorezor

    i need your guys help which episodes?
  8. scorezor

    [Discussion] just posting this. what you guys / girls think? personally , i was like this guy , in some aspects :pick: i found it in here: i forgot who sent me that link ,but ... oh you go. <- that's a comment on yt , that's the tl:dw...
  9. scorezor

    [Discussion] a question about Xmas to you guys :D

    so... christmas is arriving soon... do you guys / girls , still ask for xmas present to your parents or to someone?
  10. scorezor

    world cup

    who wins it , in your opinion?
  11. scorezor


    in which website can i read novels?
  12. scorezor

    [Discussion] what you do when...

    is raining and thundering outside?
  13. scorezor

    [Discussion] what if you were in space

    you could breathe and stuff like that , but you were in space,what would you do in it xD where would you go to ,you weren't immortal , what would you do if... you saw something or someone there. how would you go back to earth?
  14. scorezor

    [Discussion] Persona

    what's the correct order and in which website?
  15. scorezor

    [Question] i need to know something :P

    in which exact moment , moria mentioned kaido to luffy? can someone tell me which chapter that is or episode? i remember that he also mentioned about the new world towards luffy and stuff like that..
  16. scorezor

    [Predictions] Strawhats
  17. scorezor

    [PS3] Ufc game

    so i'm here thinking on buying fifa 17 ...cuz... IS FIFA :P and... and i also wanna know which ufc game is the best for ps3 ofc , can you guys and girls help me on choosing please? the ufc game ofc :D
  18. scorezor

    [Discussion] opinions

    what are your opinion about liars? what are your opinion about people that only spout excuses... ?
  19. scorezor

    [PC] life explained as a videogame.

    life explained as a videogame & 1 more amazing thing.
  20. scorezor

    Barcelona out juventus in

    Barcelona just got eliminated , who you guys think is gonna win , champions league?