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  1. itachi49

    Zabuza and Kakashis' water dragon jutsu

    In Shippuden i think it was filler .
  2. itachi49

    Best Fire Style Technique?

    Kakuzu's Katon: Zukokku by far
  3. itachi49

    best sharingan

    Kakashi's mangekyou is the most styled.
  4. itachi49

    Did Kakashi copy the Rasenshuriken?

    Sharingan can't copy S rank jutsus.
  5. itachi49

    Ninja With brains

    Shikaku Kakashi and Shikamaru.
  6. itachi49

    Best chidori

    If chidori and raikiri would be the same jutsu they would be on same level . There,the databook is clear and kishi made 2 different pages for both jutsu which are from different rank.A rank for chidori and S rank for raikiri.Even if there are some similarities,chidori isn't on same level as...
  7. itachi49

    lightning blade and chidori? HELP

    Chidori = A rank jutsu Raikiri = S rank jutsu Raikiri > Chidori.
  8. itachi49


    He was already famous before,when he created his own jutsu .If he didn't have Sharingan,Kishimoto would make him still cool like a tobirama or hiruzen ...
  9. itachi49

    databook 4 prediction

    Kishi always left about hundreds of chapters between each databoook .Actually ther eis still no databook 4.He never waited so long to release a new databook that's why i think that he will release databook 4 soon. What are your predictions for Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi,Kabuto, Bee, Gaara...
  10. itachi49

    What the weakest jutsus from each elements

    After viewing Oronagato's strongest jutsus thread, i was wondering what are the weakest jutsus from each elements. Here's my list: Fire : Fire Release: Flame Bullet Water : Water Release: Hiding in Water Technique Earth : Earth Release: Earth Shaking Palm Wind : Wind Release: Great...
  11. itachi49

    Guren Akatsuki Material?

    I didn't like Guren arc, i'm glad that it's not from Kishimoto. She doesn't have place in the 10 akatsukis, she can help akatsuki like Juugo ,Suigestu...
  12. itachi49

    What kind of clone is best?

    Strongest clone are mokuton bunshins it's an exception. Normally the strongest and most durable clones are shadows clone (natural chakra) but it split chakra in 2. Elemental clones are better imo since it costs less chakra and is made from different elements that can trap enemies or paralyse...
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    favorite naruto song

  14. itachi49

    How old was kakashi when the kyubi attacked the leaf?

    Naruto part 1 was 12-13 Kakashi part 1 was 26-27 Naruto is born the Kyubi attack day so : 26-12=14 Kakashi was laready anbu and was 14 years old when the Kyubi attacked the leaf.
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    Post your Internet speed

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    Post your Internet speed

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    Actual Gaara vs Sasori

    Location = Where Kages fought Edo Madara Distance = Midlle range Knowledge = full knowledge Who win?
  18. itachi49

    Would you prefer Naruto or Sasuke achieve the Rinnegan?

    tbh i don't care who will have have rinnegan .
  19. itachi49

    Was this sceene in the mangu?