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  1. Bob74h

    [Debate] Madara vs Arceus and the creation trio

    Madara drops a couple meteors and the creation trio along with arceus easily die Madara summons meteors and arceus lays dead as per canon After the collision with the meteors, it made his death a near certainty Madara meteor's make the god die zero diff
  2. Bob74h

    [Discussion] Hot takes of the day

    Dont know the dude Gogeta negs arceus tho
  3. Bob74h

    Hashirama is stronger then momoshiki

    the dude lost to darui foddershiki Hashirama beat a whole bjuu Hashirama >> Kurama >> darui >> momoshiki
  4. Bob74h

    [Discussion] Hot takes of the day

    Arceus aint universe lv anything he lost to a meteor Hulk >>> Arceus hulk beat meteor and saitama >>> Arceus he beat meteor Boruto characters get negged by shippuden ones Kaguya would slam momoshiki and isshiki at the same time she tanked 6 bjuuu rasen shuriken momo couldt tank a 5...
  5. Bob74h

    [Discussion] Yugioh sucks these days

    It's so much summoning you play master duel or edopro, and you watch people spam for like 30 minutes straight does anybody watch a power point presentation where you cant interact???? you turn the game on, and you just chose death, Is that really fun to have 2 turn games where you lose on your...
  6. Bob74h

    [Debate] what is the best Medium of fiction out of these options??

    Gaming Anime Comics Cartoons
  7. Bob74h

    [Discussion] What is the worse fanbase?????????

    Which is it sonic fanbase or yugioh fanbase the boruto fanbase Pokemon fanbase
  8. Bob74h

    modern day power scaling is so dumb

    If it's contradicted by the majority of the feats that character does tho then it's literally just a outlier. What if said god had stated limits on his destroying power like in the case of shenron Where he can just wish something out of existence but in most cases it's just beyond his power
  9. Bob74h

    [Debate] grim reaper vs thanatos

  10. Bob74h

    [Debate] What do you think is the worse president?????

    What do you think is the worst President Ragan President Trump President Biden President Obama President Bush Jr President Clinton
  11. Bob74h

    modern day power scaling is so dumb

    Huh duh, this featlless character can solo your verse cause he's boundless and outerversal just read the manga/lore bro. shit is so cringe, These sort of people need to touch grass they think cause they go on reddit and youtube shorts that they have great understanding they dont and they look...
  12. Bob74h


    boruto was never really that good
  13. Bob74h

    Seems this place kinda died

    Nobody aside from me,angel and troi even post anymore Used to have very long discussions with the likes of infant and other users but it seems most have left threads that used to get 3 pages, now barely even get a single reply