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  1. Rucken

    [NW] Leon Silverberg

    I think all you have to do is submit your last official battle to be reranked :) Rules changed. Ninja Ranks: One of the bigger changes, I will preface this by saying NO ONE WILL SUFFER ANY DRAWBACK FROM WHAT THEY CAN CURRENTLY USE...
  2. Rucken

    [NW] Leon Silverberg

    You’re not an academy student. Jounin is the rank you’re at. What was the highest rank of jutsu you could use?
  3. Rucken

    Custom Technology Submission

    ( Denji rēdā) - Electromagnetic Radar Type: Supplementary/Defensive Rank: A Range: Short - Mid range Chakra: N/a (-10 per turn to sustain barrier) Damage: N/A Description: This simple tool embedded into another tool or amour functions simply by producing an Electromagnetic field. With the use...
  4. Rucken

    [NW] Ikiru, Ash Sand of the Sin Village

    Village informationLand of Birth: Land Of Fire Village of Alliance: Hidden Village in Sin Rank & Chakra InformationNinja Battle Rank: Jounin 1600 Chakra / 160 Health Specialty: Single Handseal | Advanced Kenjutsu Specialist | Apex Handseal Specialist | Seal Caster Elements: Katon, Raiton...
  5. Rucken

    Motoi Drylands (116)

    @Pyro NB @Xicer @Howard Mental communication, isn’t heard as he isn’t connected anymore. With the group landing on the shoreline of the community in the distance. Ikiru would turn his amour and several other items (c.w) into a smoke cloud that he then has around him lingering as he lit a cig...
  6. Rucken

    Custom Jutsu Submission - IV

    Summoning Animal: Trico Scroll Owner: Rucken Other Users who have signed contract: N/a Summoning Boss if existing: N/a Other Summoning Animals tied to contract: N/a Description and Background: A creature known from the Chimera legend, the Trico based on the Anzu. The term "chimera" has come to...
  7. Rucken

    [Nin] Med School

    @Sasori i got no questions
  8. Rucken

    [Fuuin] With Shinta

    I have just seen this! I got no questions.
  9. Rucken

    Graveyard of Sin (115)

    @Xicer @Howard @Pyro NB With so much taking place. Ikiru stayed in the background as things took place, watching people appeared out of thin air and soon surround the intruder who was peaceful and calm to the situation. Watching as they talk to the Kage and decide to move on out from the lands...
  10. Rucken

    Custom Element Bureau

    Custom element Japanese name: Dakuiton Custom element English name: Dark Vacuity Release The element is based on: Doton, Raiton, Katon, Fuuton Facts that prove the element to be possible (in the manga context): Notably, the Explosion Release is a combined nature transformation suggested to be...
  11. Rucken

    Graveyard of Sin (115)

    Having deactivated his sharingan to preserve chakra he looks to the creature that had insulted his race. Looking to Grenth thinking to himself about how such a contract came to being. How would such a dross creature be of use to Grenth. Sighing as he looked to Grenth ignoring the summon as if it...
  12. Rucken

    Graveyard of Sin (115)

    Turning to face the group, he was confused for a moment. Looking to them as he started wondering whom had the ability to speck into their minds. Looking to solve this case as he scratched his head for moment. Judging by their chakra not of them seemed to really be using chakra except for Grenth...
  13. Rucken

    Popular animes that you couldn't get into?

    One piece. Not something possible for me to watch.
  14. Rucken

    [Sign-Ups] Everything's fair in love and war

    I suck at playing nowadays. I need to recover fam
  15. Rucken

    Graveyard of Sin (115)

    Moving into short range to Grenth he would watch as the animals conversed upon his body. With a scratch to his head he would look to see and make sense of the situation. 'Why were such things on him?' as he thought a voice would speak in his head. This suddenly shook him as his Sharingan quickly...
  16. Rucken

    Graveyard of Sin (115)

    Leaping down upon some towers he would race toward the group. As he did he'd spot some straggles down below. Stopping to look down on the scene, he would wonder whether the village had a police force. With an augment heating up below he would voice himself into the problem. "HEY! What's the...
  17. Rucken

    Graveyard of Sin (115)

    Self-absorbed as Ikiru spoke, he was keen and quick to read this man's facial expressions and know cues when to make important information reach the man's conscious. This was something of his Uchiha's bloodline, very intellect that gave way to their skillful abilities. As they spoke Ikiru...
  18. Rucken

    Graveyard of Sin (115)

    Continuing from: Post Regained all my chakra and Jutsu counts btw. I'm connecting my previous post to now. This is so it can flow smoothly for plot purposes and nothing more. @Howard Storyboard Elements: - Establish a State under a Village (5) - Negotiate to establish a State (4) Summery: Ikiru...
  19. Rucken

    [Suggestion] The World of WSE [Naruto Roleplay]

    I'll add you to my following list. If you need help let me know, if I can't help I'll redirect you to someone who can. It usually takes time to get a reply from Mods as they have to discuss among themselves to be a single voice. That reminds me of another suggestion. I can't wait for the...
  20. Rucken

    [Suggestion] The World of WSE [Naruto Roleplay]

    Welcome the RP by the way. Moreover, I think the moderators know things I don't know. Could be managing the ideas would be taxing or rather it can be done but I didn't know how. Shall wait for their response. How far have you gotten in the RP? New members tend to ghost out of it when they feel...
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