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  1. Dr.Dave

    Last Post Wins

    I'm confused 0-0
  2. Dr.Dave

    Post the first thing that comes into your mind V2.

  3. Dr.Dave

    Count until a staff member posts V2

  4. Dr.Dave


    Welcome back :3
  5. Dr.Dave

    Dark Star Akali Concept and Fanart I did ^-^

    The hands are throwing me off a bit but other then that I really do like it :)
  6. Dr.Dave

    Naruto Manga-Like (Original) Artwork

    Looking good :)
  7. Dr.Dave


    Welcome to the forums :)
  8. Dr.Dave


    Welcome to the forums! :)
  9. Dr.Dave

    Introducing a new forum currency: Kin

    Sounds cool :)
  10. Dr.Dave

    Forum Ranks & Discord Ranks

    Can I have my discord rank updated please :) DrDave#4825
  11. Dr.Dave

    Day 4 Spam Thread

    I’m confused @Gin
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