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  1. suki

    Witchwood Arena (208)

    Takatsuki was amazed by the summon but didnt show it. She realized it'll be a great help for a novice such as herself. While she takes a look around just like her partner did, she responds "ready when you are."
  2. suki

    Witchwood Arena (208)

    Takatsuki enters. She isn't sure if is ready for this tournament, but she remains composed. My Bio:
  3. suki

    With Teno

  4. suki

    With Teno waiting for my boy businessmanteno
  5. suki

    Nitro Lottery Event

    Alright guys! Our winner is @ItzSkyy Congratulations on the 1 month free nitro, you will receive your award in a private message here on this site, so keep an eye on your notifications, and good luck to everyone in our future giveaways! RNG Where I got the min and max numbers from, for...
  6. suki

    Nitro Lottery Event

    Hey guys! Event is over! I will get back to all of you shortly with the winner!
  7. suki

    Nitro Lottery Event

    DISCORD NITRO LOTTERY EVENT Hello everyone, feeling generous, and would like to give away 1 month worth of discord nitro. What you must do however is to 1. Find a cute anime picture. Please make sure the picture meets our guidelines 2. When...
  8. suki


    Welcome to animebase
  9. suki

    Red here!

    hey there welcome to animebase i hope you enjoy your stay here
  10. suki

    My Intro

    welcome sleepy i hope to see u around more here on the forum
  11. suki

    !! Hey There !!

    hi there welcome to animebase i hope you enjoy your stay
  12. suki

    Frownie's Introduction

    welcome to animebase i hope you enjoy your stay
  13. suki

    The Gang Does An Introduction Post

    hi there welcome to animebase i hope u enjoy your stay and reaally nice drawings keep it up
  14. suki

    [CC] kurochi with hokusai

    i read it thoroughly :lok:
  15. suki

    Newbie in the town

    hi there very nice profile picture and welcome to animebase hope u enjoy your stay
  16. suki

    [CC] kurochi with hokusai

    Pretty lit technique no questions
  17. suki

    [CC] kurochi with hokusai

    ok sweet i got this
  18. suki

    [CC] kurochi with hokusai

    that's prettty lit no questions
  19. suki

    [CC] kurochi with hokusai

    yup very familiar with this one
  20. suki

    [CC] kurochi with hokusai

    aight lit no more questions
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