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  1. Khallil

    Anime Season: Fall 2018

    So for which animes of this season are you all hyped and pumped up? What do you watch and recommend others to watch?
  2. Khallil

    Not really a newbie

    Hellooo everyone, Considering the amount of time that I haven't been here and all the new people it's basically as if I'm the new one again. I'm just wondering if there are some familiar 'faces' in here and who recognizes/remembers me. Anyways, how is everyone doing?
  3. Khallil

    Anime Season: Summer 2017

    So, we're already a few weeks into the summer anime season of 2017. What do you think of this season up till now? What animes are you watching, which ones do you like, which one is a disappointment? And of course, which ones do you recommend?
  4. Khallil

    anime recommendation

    Which anime do you recommend me to watch first (out of this list)? And why? Monogatari series Magi Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Another Code Breaker Zetsuen no Tempest Hellsing Fate Stay Night Zankyou no Terror Btooom! Chaos:Head Black Butler Mushi-shi Log Horizon
  5. Khallil

    [ARCHIVE] Custom Jutsu Submission - II

    Re: Custom Jutsu Submission (Mokuton: Mokusei no Sora ) - Wood Release: Wooden sky Type:Supplementary Rank:A Range:short-long Chakra:30 Damage:N/A Description: The user performs the Tiger hand seal and causes a lot of wood to be created out of the ground (or an other earth/wood source) and...
  6. Khallil

    [Technical Issue] [Technical Issue] Home Page: User Info & Links Problem

    You know where you're supposed to see " Hey, 'username' Profile | Edit avatar | Log Out " On the homepage, or the place where you're supposed to log in. The position of that is changed, and it's behind "Latest threads", beneath "HOME MangaBase". I tried a different browser and I deleted my...
  7. Khallil

    [CJ] Wood is love, Wood is life

    *awaits naruto* post da technique you want .-.
  8. Khallil

    [Discussion] Discussion of the latest headline: NB's updates

    So it seems that NB got some new major and small updates. -The like / dislike option This one seems pretty cool. It gives us the 'social media/community feeling'. The new banner/background "15 years of Naruto, 7 years of NarutoBase." so epic! The new lay-out The lay-out changed as well...
  9. Khallil

    first & last appearances [spoilers]

    ;___; I just found this pictures, and I thought it should be shared. What do you think of it, and who changed the most in your opinion?
  10. Khallil

    Chapter 698 in full color

    Click the picture below to read Naruto chapter 698 in full color. Enjoy!
  11. Khallil

    Post your Internet speed

  12. Khallil

    Kakashi's face

    How would you react if you'd never see Kakashi's face?
  13. Khallil

    How many Volumes do you have?

    I have 0 volumes, but the sound volume of my laptop is on 40 now :)
  14. Khallil

    What will happen with Naruto and Sasuke?

    What do you guys think that will happen? Do you think that Naruto will pull out a Hashirama, so that it's just a clone and the real one is somewhere else (maybe not stabbing sasuke tho). Or do you think that somewhere there is a clone gathering natural energy, and right before Sasuke attacks...
  15. Khallil

    So Hinatas sister...

    a lot of ppl are saying that she looks like my little sister, and she really does look like her hanabi uchiha :erm:
  16. Khallil

    Anime's ending

    When do you guys think the anime will end approximately? Do you think there will be a filler arc, even if it isn't needed? .-.
  17. Khallil

    Does Senjutsu increases a jutsu's power?

    yeah, but it's impossible to use a 'base' rasengan when in sage mode, because the rasengan you made will be automatically mad eout of the senjutsu chakra, so all jutsus would be stronger when in sage mode
  18. Khallil

    [Predictions] What is Behind Sasuke Revolution and Why It Is ....

    you should handle this differently, like a super cool lay-out, big fonts, variation, colors, spoilers, lists etc. i swear nobody will read this xD
  19. Khallil

    Your BEST plot twist?

    i know right, what was a bigge rplot twist than that? xD
  20. Khallil

    Your BEST plot twist?

    When Haku tell Naruto that he's a boy