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  1. Yuka

    Horror Manga?

    I recommend Tokyo Ghoul to anyone whose a fan of the series, plus, the manga has plenty of gore in it. :)
  2. Yuka

    Manga Mistakes

    I suppose not everyone notices mistakes immediately. :giggle:
  3. Yuka

    wierd funny ting happened in teh stadium today..

    Minamoto, I highly recommend wearing a mask with a fitted filter if and when you decide to go out. :)
  4. Yuka

    [VS] Current Luffy vs Old Rayleigh

    Rayleigh one of the most strongest characters in the show, so I definitely see him winning this battle.
  5. Yuka

    Anyone else hate Bakugou?

    I suppose some people are just not a big fan of the character, but then again, I don't particularly like him either. :p
  6. Yuka

    [Discussion] best villain in 1 peiice...

  7. Yuka

    [Discussion] best villain in 1 peiice...

    In my opinion I think Crocodile is by far the greatest villain in the entire series.
  8. Yuka

    Adult Naruto has weakened he can no longer use full strength of rsm (Proved)

    Naruto has always been the strongest out of all the other characters.
  9. Yuka

    What are you doing differently in corona virus scare

    Well, the important thing is I have more time to work on my art! :heart::cheer:
  10. Yuka

    Manga Mistakes

    Everyone makes mistakes even professional artists, besides, creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes and then learn from them. :)
  11. Yuka

    [Question] Who is the strongest Kisame can beat with Samehada

    In terms of skills and techniques, Kisame was a very skilled shinobi, also, the gills on his neck allowed him to breathe under water. :super:
  12. Yuka

    Anyone else hate Bakugou?

    I'm not a big fan of Bakugo, I mean, he is an okay character but he's not my favorite.
  13. Yuka

    Seasonal animes you are watching now:

    Well, I have been watching quite a bit of Naruto and a few other anime shows.
  14. Yuka

    Uchiha Tablet: Truth

    Well, you definitely have the talent for writing creative stories. (y)
  15. Yuka

    New things!

    Sounds interesting, I'll check it out sometime.
  16. Yuka

    Hei I AM NeW

    Welcome to NB, Terry. :hi:
  17. Yuka

    If you could call anyone who would it be

    If I came across such a booth then I would call my favorite actor Tom Hiddleston. ;p
  18. Yuka

    NarutoBase, memories.

    Seems like everyone is here and accounted for. :hi:
  19. Yuka

    NarutoBase, memories.

    This is hilarious but adorable at the same time. :D
  20. Yuka

    NarutoBase, memories.

    Me too, it definitely brings back memories of when I first joined NB. :)