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  1. Erikhog

    [Discussion] Where is the manga?

    Is there a break again this week?
  2. Erikhog

    [Predictions] Cropper Gaban in Wano?

    Ive seen some predictions of people who think Crooler Gaban (3rd commander of gold Roger) Will be on wano. People on youtube think that he will teach luffy the last finishing touch of haki or awakening. What are your guys thoughts? Is it possible that he is the Guy in de prison who gets...
  3. Erikhog

    New Game of Thrones final season teaser.

    Winter Will come after winter on 14th april. Who is hyped?
  4. Erikhog

    [Predictions] im wondering.

    Hi naruto fans. Quick question. A friend of me said today the fillers end.. is this true? I hope! Erik.
  5. Erikhog

    [Question] where can I watch

    The New dragonball z movie with freeza? Is it even out yet?
  6. Erikhog

    whats happening with the anime streamingsites? ?

    Am I the only one Who has problems with this? Bleachget, watchop, fairytailtv and ********* are getting More and more Slow then ever before! Watchop is offline already.. Is there anyone else with this problem? I live in the netherlands!
  7. Erikhog

    [Question] where is the new onepiece manga

    just asking....
  8. Erikhog

    who's whatching boku no here academia? (manga)

    there are just 23 chapters out but it is looking nice.. The headperson of this new manga is remembering me to naruto in some kind... if you dont have a idea what manga you should read, ill recommend this one. big future.. REMEMBER! Sorry i dont go in the details.. just chek it out haha. Merry...
  9. Erikhog

    [Discussion] Gildarts

    Do we will ever see Gildarts again? like this problem what is happening right now, isnt it time for him to show up because last time he wasn't there when Acnologia showed up.. Any thoughts on this?
  10. Erikhog

    [Question] Sabo

    Hi guys, In how many episodes will sabo makes his appearance? Just curious cause my brother doesnt reads the manga so he doesnt know a thing...
  11. Erikhog

    [Discussion] If they are in an other dimension now..

    How can the kages reach them now? Not right? I think they wont find the battle place but when they come back in a Huge fight they are Suddenly right before them. Any thoughts?
  12. Erikhog

    [Question] Is the bleach anime ever coming back???

    The title asks it all!!!!!
  13. Erikhog

    [Predictions] Sasuke sharingan upgrade

    I think sasuke's right eye still has to upgrade to a sharinnegan. How? Sasuke is messed up because of the battle against the eternal genjutsu thing.. Naruto is not, because he has nine tailed beasts inside him that can get him out of the jutsu. Because of that he gives sasuke a huge...
  14. Erikhog

    [Predictions] little prediction +orochimaru

    Just kidding he's quite long haha. Hope you enjoy! EH When somewhere Madara is laying on the ground after losing through a huge battle with Naruto and Sasuke, He says to the Uchiha in front of him, standing; Are you going to let me leave this world again? 2nd time you seeing it.HAHAHahaha...
  15. Erikhog

    [Discussion] Today the anime starts again! Fairytail.

    But when? Who's psyched? :cool:
  16. Erikhog

    Attack on titans

    Hi guys.. Where can i Watch the new episodes of attack of titans? (Online) Thanks!
  17. Erikhog

    [Discussion] Did this just really happened? Izanami

    Did Sasuke just took Madara in a loop? Wait a minute... So what if he really pulled this one? If this is true this will be an epic izanami izanami battle, but because of Hashirama's DNA/chakra he wont lose his eyesight.. WOW!!!! I think Hashirama and all the senju knew the history of the...
  18. Erikhog


    The hell didn't the naruto manga launched earlier then fairytail, Naruto is way more important then fairytail, Fairytail was awesome too. Plus, Anime is coming back... But, I can't wait for the new naruto manga. This one is going to be epic as awesomnes. [/SPOILER] Good night all, 10th...
  19. Erikhog

    [Predictions] Naruto 661: The last meeting. The vision. The power to believe.

    Good evening guys! Since it is almoust 2014 i thought of doing one more prediction!! Its a little toomuch talking but a well.. Hope you guys like it! If you DID read it. Did you like it? Happy new naruto year everyone! Erik:cool:
  20. Erikhog

    [Discussion] deadman wonderland

    Does anybody know if this anime still continues after episode 12?? I think its awesome and we have yet to see the power of mockingbird!