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  1. Don Roberto

    Need help! Do you speak/know Latin language?

    Hey Guys! I need help translating this piece: "1516, in Tykocin. Joannes Albertus Martini Gasztold palatinus Polocensis et capitaneus Mozyrensis, haeres de Murata Gieranony, Joanni Mikolaiewicz, Stasnilao Woytkowicz, Stanislao Dudreiewicz, Nicolao et Michaeli Milewskim super haereditatem seu...
  2. Don Roberto

    [Discussion] You forgot about the scroll!

    The scroll that Sasuke found in Oros cave? He told that with it he could end the war. That's it, you have your answers.. Orochimaru or Juugo will use it, that's why they're hiding behind the boulder and waiting for the right moment. Probably some kick ass Edo Tensei which will resurrect Sasuke...
  3. Don Roberto

    [PC] new to Dota2

    Hello, I'm new to Dota2 , and I wondered could any of you guys give me some advice,as what hero is best for a newb, builds , which skills to max out etc etc. Thank you in advance!
  4. Don Roberto

    Polish music + Van Damme = Win?

    Well? :D 6uLTypmSvsA&list=HL1365704807
  5. Don Roberto

    Some fact about NB newbies.

    Feel free to post any fact you want. Lemme start: 1. Most of them are immature and unoriginal. Like seriously Uchicha Macho was bigger troll than any of you will ever be. 2. Spammers. Dudes in NB for couple months and he already has 5k~ posts, like fo real..sigh. feel free co continue..
  6. Don Roberto

    [Question] Is this an okay argument for negative RP?

    The title says it all. I just wonder if people get punished for it?
  7. Don Roberto

    Naruto in league of legends

    A forbidden new champion stalks the Fields of Justice in the upcoming patch: Zed, the Master of Shadows. Deadly in many roles, including mid lane and jungle, this dark assassin’s energy-based gameplay revolves around conjuring and commanding shadow clones. I was like :eek: ''Balance is a...
  8. Don Roberto

    Is NB getting lamer?

    I want opinions from old members and older people. You need to be older than 16 to post here.
  9. Don Roberto

    [Question] can I give away my bio?

    title says everything? Can I give away my bios to someone who would like to use it? Or its prohibited? Both of them are approved.
  10. Don Roberto

    Ufc 146

    Oh boy , oh boy. What an event. only two fights ended up in submission , all other by TKO. All of the blood from ''Big foot'' Silvas head.... :noc: Anywhore did you liked it? Which fight was your favorite?
  11. Don Roberto

    Yo , check this girl. (song&video)

    Sooo...basicly this girl is from 'underground'. Yup , noone knows about her nowhere , but people on fb started babbling that she might get popular within a year or some. Whadda you guys think? caTdakzsp2M&feature=relmfu
  12. Don Roberto

    Another false statement

    ''Narutos BM mode can only last 5 mins!'' - where in the bloody hell did you dig that up? You must be retarded or you did not understood what Kurama had meant.. He said it last only 5min because it's first time he uses it. - Which means only this time.He didn't say it only can last 5mins. Stupid...
  13. Don Roberto

    Lithuanian Police....

    ....not as bad as we think of it. O_o I'm actually surprised z8EBKDNkToI&feature=related
  14. Don Roberto

    Happy women's Day!

    Congrats girls! <3
  15. Don Roberto

    I'm straight

    Come girls have *** with me
  16. Don Roberto

    I have a question

    What is love?
  17. Don Roberto

    Favorite Skyrim quotes

    Title says it all , whats your favorite Skyrim quote from a NPC ? It can be any NPC , from any quest line or faction. But please before posting anything that could spoil other characters gameplay , tag your post with spoiler option. Oh and also feel free to ask any question about Skyrim. My...
  18. Don Roberto

    Blake Griffins INSANE!! dunk

    I was stunned for a moment , replayed it like 20 times. O_o He is a BEAST. That's easily dunk of the year 2012. 3w_Vy0lDk_A&feature=player_embedded
  19. Don Roberto

    PIPA? What about ACTA?

    Isn't it a bit strange that PIPA and SOPA was denied so lightly and ACTA .. let's say ACTA is being signed ''in the shadows?'' What do you guys think? btw most of the EU countries signed bill about ACTA yesterday, they will now have it discussed seperate in each coutries parlaments. N8Xg_C2YmG0
  20. Don Roberto

    Friend Zone Song!

    So true. :// OSwsJtSfyXU