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  1. The Pervy Sage

    [Sister Isles, 187] Mirabelle/Naomi vs Magnus

    Magnus would see the girl bolting forwards, clearly free of the illusion. With little to no effort it would seem, what an interesting enemy. Well he'd tried. It seemed mind attacks wouldn't work so he'd have to try something else what happened Next was in a flash. He'd release a surge of chakra...
  2. The Pervy Sage

    Slaying a Demon

    The choice is yours, i leave it to you. Also, if you're planning on sticking with cyborg, i have a few pieces of custom tech and a custom fighting style to go with it if you're interested. I ain't looking to hustle you, dw, just an offer. Here is my cyborg in which some of it is on...
  3. The Pervy Sage

    AK VS Pervy (Official)

    Magnus didn't reply to the young uchiha. There was no point. Talk was futile at this point so why waste his breathe. No instead he would give the young Uchiha a chance for once. He began by making a swamp of all things. Interesting choice to say the least. Not a good one though. He thought...
  4. The Pervy Sage

    [Gurēpurēn (184)] Desmond clone v Magnus clone

    I appreciate you posting the quoted rule and i've replied to that issue in my fight with howard if you're curious. Illusions still mess with what you see which you went with anyway, but in this case, part of the illusion is explosive tags. As Magnus placed his foe in the illusion, he noticed...
  5. The Pervy Sage

    Moon Sanctuary (181)

    Korra has had three days to reply at this point. He has been active enough to post a new bio and was informed of the fight. With that i'm calling the standard 3 day TL. With that the clone is destroyed by the dragon and i'm reclaiming this landmark in the name of my village.
  6. The Pervy Sage

    [ Glacier Mount ( 180 ) ] - Sado clone vs Magnus clone

    Genjutsu point: Problem with your poison: Your technique doesn't show apart from the first two lines, so i have no idea what it does or how it works, so without that knowledge i can only ignore the rest and deal with a canister you shot. Now for the fight: Magnus looked at the arrogant...
  7. The Pervy Sage

    Blaubaume (179)

    Hey geets i'm all for fighting you but your interception i don't believe would be valid. Gonna vm you with explanation.
  8. The Pervy Sage

    [Tai] Leg Weights

    Magnus wouldn't move, just take another sip of his coffee. As the boy was about to walk out Magnus spoke. "That's cool, i don't wanna waste my time training the weak... guess i'll take a nap... i'm getting paid anyway"
  9. The Pervy Sage

    Dainashi (175)

    I appreciate you trying but i have many concerns with your post shared with everyone else involved in your actions. I believe it to be invalid and i'm sending it to Howard as the NW mod to address, if he feels uncomfortable due to accusation of bias i'll find someone else. This is also so you...
  10. The Pervy Sage

    [KG] Rinnegan with a little Splash of Wood

    Asta didn't say much. He wasn't one of words, just action. His expression didn't change throughout this process, he simply listened, staring. The power of nature flowed through his body constantly without any work on his own, being at one with the world. It was time this man learned the same...
  11. The Pervy Sage

    [Tai] Leg Weights

    Magnus raised an eyebrow. Maybe this kid was smarter than he looked. Magnus walked way entering a room full of equipment and with his coffee still in hand drinking, he threw something forwards before the student. These would hit the dojo floor breaking the boards in the process. "Put them on..."
  12. The Pervy Sage

    Ice Falls (186)

    [Coming from here] - Clone 3 arrives As he arrives at the landmark, being able to sense someone here, Magnus went to them. He knew he told everyone to leave and none of his warriors were here so it was time to deal with this. He would see the giant barrier but not touch it and he would see a...
  13. The Pervy Sage

    Gurēpurēn (184)

    [Coming from here] - Clone 2 arrives As he arrives at the landmark, being able to sense someone here, Magnus went to them. He knew he told everyone to leave and none of his warriors were here so it was time to deal with this. Magnus would take one look at his opponent, casting two genjutsu, in...
  14. The Pervy Sage

    Sister Isles (187)

    OOC: Just a heads up. You technically shouldn't be here due to the travel rules. "When traveling, you must include the link to your last post as part of your traveling, to ensure that your travel path is being followed correctly. " Took me a while to track back your posts without the links to...
  15. The Pervy Sage

    Alexandros’ Bluff (185)

    [Coming from here] - Clone 6 Arrives Magnus comes strolling through the market place without a care in the world. He can sense the one before him, he knew of the kage, small world and all that but, it was his time!!! "I've come to claim the bounty! I get 10,000 kumi if i turn up right? Hand it...
  16. The Pervy Sage

    Blaubaume (179)

    You made a mistake in your travel, for your future reference: "Using Travel Automation can only be done when someone is traveling over a space of five landmarks, no less. " [Coming from here] - Clone 8 Arrives by himself As he arrives at the landmark, being able to sense someone here, Magnus...
  17. The Pervy Sage

    Glacier Mount (180)

    [Coming from here] - Clone 7 Arrives by himself As he arrives at the landmark, Clone 7 can sense someone here, someone not from his village, well that just meant he had to do something about it. With one look at his opponent he binds them in two illusions, double layering the illusions in the...
  18. The Pervy Sage

    Gaikotsu Bay (255)

    At the same time as step two, teleportation to the ocean landmark. [Arriving from here] - Clone 1, clone 2, Clone three. With the three clones arriving, they would then keep moving from here. Clone 1 would use: (Ototon: Naiteki Ne no Jutsu) - Sound Release: Inner Sonar Skill Chakra: Clone...
  19. The Pervy Sage

    Moon Sanctuary (181)

    Note to korra. Your clone is technically already destroyed. A clone can't do a summon due to when you go to draw blood, you'd injure yourself and as soon as a clone takes damage it would disperse, they don't bleed. Unless you have some way to summon that doesn't require blood then it's my bad...
  20. The Pervy Sage

    Dainashi (175)

    Magnus would now have 910 chakra. All clones have 3000 chakra Magnus heard what his ally had to say. Well what were the chances. He spoke to his ally. "Well, do what you must, i'm sure you can handle it and if i can help in any way just let me know but i need to go ahead with my plans. Unless...