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  1. kc5181

    WSJ The Digital Age

    This is my recommendation for Boruto and Dragonball Super 5 reasons to view the official version of WSJ 1. It is good for the economy 2. It is convenient 3. Free latest chapters 4. Support the industry 4b. Supporting the industry will result in a better chapter...
  2. kc5181

    The Green Lantern Arrowverse

    The big day has arrived and there is only 1 black guy on Arrow worth talking about, John Diggle!
  3. kc5181

    It has been ten years since I stuck a sharpie up my rear end

    Could you believe Kakashi when he said a thousand years of death... .... I got ten years of death over a sharpie and have been disrespected ever since. Branded a schizophrenic, got paranoid, kept looking at porn, never stopped looking at porn because I was branded a schizophrenic, but really I...
  4. kc5181

    Porn effects on the brain

    Porn addicts are known to escalate their porn use to 'forbidden' or 'shame-inducing' genres in order to boost declining dopamine levels. This is also known to encourage the release or these stress neurotransmitters. With time, a porn addict's brain may mistak
  5. kc5181

    Lesson 1 never look at another internet porn

    It is there too hurt you, don't do it. They have it rigged. Not you, they. They excist because they are all con artists. Do not think 1 second would benefit. The moment they get you hooked, a thousands of porn junkies will devour your soul in many downloads. Now the porn junkies have spread to...
  6. kc5181

    UFOs These Iranians are dumb enough to travel next to a nuclear site GREEN AFTERBURNERS ANCIENT ALIENS DECLASSIFIED
  7. kc5181


    But mine do not decay It will turn into a zombie And I will eat you flesh And become immortal Muawhahahahahaha
  8. kc5181

    Incoming nuke on Iran

  9. kc5181

    When you slay an incubus...

    .... You draw out the succubus. The devil has many forms, this one is highly seductive. But this is no longer the Roman times where people had *** with these beings. We are well aware of the inner consciousness of another human being unlike back then.
  10. kc5181

    What is it like to live in the Middle Ages during 2020

    Ask anything but first my swordsman ship is not Japanese it is home training for self defense I like to swing it around live gets bland at times as the internet is more like an instant message, playing guitar feels middle age stereos surround sound and TV shows may not have existed back then but...
  11. kc5181

    If you could go back to freshman year

    I would have never shaved my chin and grow it out for four years By Junior year it would be longer than Shaggy
  12. kc5181

    Rebel against the black and white

    I like the ones who say they listen to the punk rock I like the kids who fight against how they were brought up They hate the trends and think it's f***** to care It's cool when this piss people off with what they wear So give me one good reason Why we need to be like them Kids will have fun and...
  13. kc5181

    B61-12 vs Goku

    Okay guys, this is the real world. Americans owned WWII and therfore Japanese people have an inferior imagination from all the shame. Can 50 Kilotons destroy the average saiyan? I bet they can!
  14. kc5181

    [Game] Turbo Mafia

    You have 20 minutes for each day phase. Lynch majority. Alive players 1. @Poison chan 2. [USER=266208]@Alubama[/USER] 3. @All_Red 4. @Houtarou 5. [USER=267405]@Kyte_[/USER] 6. [USER=5495]@Michelle[/USER] The day phase begins!
  15. kc5181

    [Sign-Ups] Turbo Mafia

    Okay, this is my first time in a while. And from what I can tell anyone can do it without approval. Anyone interested? Theme is The Battle of Evermore by Led Zeppelin! 4v2 1. Poison Chan 2. Alubama 3. All Red 4. Houtarou 5. Kyte 6. Michelle
  16. kc5181

    Direct Lineage between Madara, Sasuke and Itachi

    Has anyone ever had this same thought?
  17. kc5181

    Have I introduced myself?

    Looking for mafia games, got perma banned from discord lol 😂 not that I really care about discord, discord is for gamers, as advertised. My alternative name is Wolfwood and Spud
  18. kc5181

    Spud is here