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  1. Tantalus Thief

    [Discussion] Naruto: The Whorl within the Spiral - Minato One-Shot!!

    This was pretty good. Nice to see Kishi's art again. I love the kushina-minato dynamic and how sinister kurama was. Although, the scene with Han and Roshi contradicts the statement at the kage summit saying only Bee, Yagura, Madara and Hashirama could control a bijuu. Then again, that scene was...
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    Thought I check in!

    Hello I think you were rasta back in the day.
  3. Tantalus Thief

    *knocks dusts off shoulder..*It’s been almost 14 years…

    Joined in march 2014, but knew about the site for 2 years before. During the WA, the forums were pretty lit due to ppl speculating about things like tobi's id and madara.
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    I'm here not that often. Can't wait for the minato manga.
  5. Tantalus Thief

    Old time lurker coming to pay my respects to this fine gem!

    Welcome. You have like 5 posts. Kinda surprised you remember about this site
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    [Suggestion] Zise drop that profile customization!

    So the reason why registrations were suspended from may 2013 to march 2014 was cuz of the hacks by moegi of akatsuki?
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    Happy Holidays & New Year Greetings 2023!

    Happy holidays everyone
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    Naruto worldwide, character popularity vote

    voted for mangetsu some days back. Hopefully sasuke, itachi, naruto and kakashi don't win since we've already had tons of stuff from them.
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    FIFA World Cup Football 2022 Official Discussion Thread

    Mbappe really carried France lol. He went beast mode after Argentina got their 2 goals in. It was a great final match.
  10. Tantalus Thief

    FIFA World Cup Football 2022 Official Discussion Thread

    Not too familiar with soccer but is France likely to win this time.
  11. Tantalus Thief

    [Predictions] One Piece Manga Chapter 1069 Discussion and 1070 Predictions

    Luffy vs Lucci again with their awakened DFs was cool. Looks like Kizaru may arrive and make things even more interesting.
  12. Tantalus Thief

    [Suggestion] Zise drop that profile customization!

    If they're going to switch the whole forum engine, I think they should've tried to keep some stuff like rp village symbols and groups.
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    [Suggestion] Zise drop that profile customization!

    Vbulletin is much better than this xenoforo system we have now lol
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    welcome to animebase
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    [Spoilers] vegapunk looks retarded

    Not really a fan of the design either
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    I got briefly into rp back in like mid to late 2016. Then dropped it as I spent less time here. Cool to see old members popping up to say hi.
  17. Tantalus Thief

    [Predictions] One Piece Manga Chapter 1067 Discussion and 1068 Predictions

    Good chapter. Looks like we'll see cp9 fight again. Wonder if Kuma will lead dragon to Luffy