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  1. GodItachi

    Patty and Liz

    Basic Information Name: Patricia | Elizabeth Nickname: Patty | Liz Gender: Female | Female Age: Unknown Clan: Soma no Ko Looks: Patty: She has chin-length, bright blonde hair with bangs and light blue eyes. Liz is taller and thinner than Patty. Liz: Liz has dirty blonde hair that...
  2. GodItachi

    Kaldur' Ahm

    Basic Information Name: Kaldurl' Ahm Nickname: Aqualad | Kal | Kaldur Gender: Male Age: Unknown Clan: Hozuki Looks: Kaldur'ahm is an Atlantean with light blond hair cut at the bottom, deep brown skin, pale green eyes, high cheekbones, and a lean build. He possesses black, eel-like tattoos that...
  3. GodItachi

    [NW] Gwen Tennyson

    Basic Information Name: Gwendolyn Tennyson Nickname: Gwen Gender: Female Age: Unknown Clan: Hyuga Looks: Gwen has log red hair that hands partially down her back. She has green eyes and wears a red shirt with a black vest over it with gray/blue like slacks. Her other attire is she wears a...
  4. GodItachi

    Bio Shop | Creation of Mind and Body

    For all three bios in this quote I will pay 5300 kumi for them.
  5. GodItachi

    [NW] Zenitsu Agatsuma

    Aww man I wanted this character. Hey if you need a custom idea make one that uses a sword for the Stab technique of the third raikage
  6. GodItachi

    Storyboard Mission Submission

    Players involved: GodItachi Mission Rank: D Story elements chosen: Explore a Landmark Date of beginning & date of conclusion: 2/9/2020 Relevant mission links: Explore a Landmark Additional information: Spawning here for the first time in the Ninja World. Mission Passed. Really good first...
  7. GodItachi

    Dragon's Rest (069)

    This post marks the begining of a mission with the following storyboard elements: D-rank (1): Explore a landmark ________ God Itachi spawns in the ninja world for the first time in a weird place. This placed was covered in sand like it was a desert. He wondered where he was so he started on a...
  8. GodItachi

    Kumi Exchange Center

    Name: God Itachi Approved Biography: Price: 3,000 kumi Orientation: Price: 2,000 kumi I just started didn't see a template to help me out Pending leaving for @Sasori since he's more...
  9. GodItachi

    [Nin] [Orientation] - GodItachi

    Thank you and I will be sure to bug I mean asking you any questions.
  10. GodItachi

    [Nin] [Orientation] - GodItachi

    Gotcha no further questions or anything. I know also doing missions give me kumi and a set amount.
  11. GodItachi

    [Nin] [Orientation] - GodItachi

    Itachi stops in his tracks OOC: Yea and I was thinking of MS but then again I want to start off slow and work on the basics of the rp and learn some abilities that hasn't been used before and create on that. I do have someone I would like to create some bios for me and hopefully learn some...
  12. GodItachi

    [Nin] [Orientation] - GodItachi

    Itachi smirks as he see his sensei coming at him. He laughed as he does an unpredictable movement. He slides as he was going for a home run. His right leg is sticking out and he is on his left side SN: why they said to talk about kumi so I can get it for my bio and guess I get more after...
  13. GodItachi

    [Nin] [Orientation] - GodItachi

    GodItachi notice the shurikens hurled at him each time his sensei does a backflip. His sensei had jumped out the way from punch so he is in an acquired position with his arm extended and legs lunged forward. With a twist counterclockwise of his body he dodges shurikens that are sent towards him...
  14. GodItachi

    [Nin] [Orientation] - GodItachi

    Now I can say with to much detail can also confuse someone and that's just going off real life so that could be the same in the rp I would expect. GodItachi looking at his sensei waving him over. Starting on his left foot he burst towards his sensei. Scared; he wouldnt be at all. He is an...
  15. GodItachi

    [KG] Sharingan - GodItachi

    Thank you for helping me out.
  16. GodItachi

    [Nin] [Orientation] - GodItachi

    We can do the battle training that's fine with me.
  17. GodItachi

    [KG] Sharingan - GodItachi

    No questions but I can't use them either because they require 3 tomoe.
  18. GodItachi

    [KG] Sharingan - GodItachi

    To be honest I can't think of the types. Only thing that does come to my head is Yin Release Genjutsu and Elemental Genjutsu. I seen the Elemental Genjutsu thing in the illusion arts thread and notice Yin Release Genjutsu is a thing based on some battles I read.
  19. GodItachi

    [KG] Sharingan - GodItachi

    The first technique is short range and requires eye contact. The illusion is making someone think they are still looking at someone but reality they are sleep. The last technique is short to mid range and doesn't require eye contact. The illusions creates copies of the user which is actually...
  20. GodItachi

    [KG] Sharingan - GodItachi

    Two Tomoe -x2 Tracking -Pierce through C rank visual genjutsu -Reverse Genjutsu Technique up to B rank(one tomoe can reverse up to C rank) Three Tomoe -x3 Tracking -Pierce through B rank visual genjutsu -Copy Techniques within reasoning -Reverse Genjutsu Technique up to A rank...