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    [NEWS] Antarctica logs hottest temperature on record

    Totally not surprised.
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    Idea of characters that can beat Saitama?

    1) Always use bold text. 2) Replace every S with a Z. 3) misspell everything. 4) Use the letter A all the time and place it at weird incorrect places. That should be it!
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    [Shop] BIO Shope

    I agree.
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    Idea of characters that can beat Saitama?

    Oh, you're new! What you just read was written in the tobidara language! ;) Just use the search bar and try to look up some old "tobidara" threads and you might get the gist of it. Meaning: "Is that even a question?".
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    Idea of characters that can beat Saitama?

    Iz that even a kestion?!??!!?!?!...
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    Idea of characters that can beat Saitama?

    What can he do against Orochimaru? Can he stop him from stealing his body? Nope! There you go, that's the answer! ;D
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    I am so going to report you!!!!!!!!!! :wes:...
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    Those still reading the promised Neverland whats your thoughts

    First off! They escaped in chapter 36 not 30! You need to refresh your memory! All I'm gonna say is that the mind games elements from the first arc are kind of gone since the escape, it's a bit more "adventerous". It's kind of hard to say whether it gets better or not, it really depends on your...
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    Would Madara be proud of sarada???

    Gimme 10 punishment points!!!!!!
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    Romance me!

    I have no idea how manliness is even important or relevant here, but okay. Here are some suggestions from GOOGLE:
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    Would Madara be proud of sarada???

    He never was proud of Sasuke, I don't see how he would be proud of her at all. Maybe "impressed" would be a much better word to use.
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    Sarada being the sun how will see get a chakra reserve boost

    She would be teh SECOND strongest female character!!! Oro first!!!
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    Reply to trollamoto's thread

    This thread's existence is as funny and ridiculous as believing that Hinata can be a sage.:vex:
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    I'm Here and Not Queer.

    Welcome! n_n
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    Anyone have any old memories on this site?

    When I used to be that innocent Oro fan.:happy: Good days!:vex: Also, chatting with Belserion and being apart of the tobidara group was probably the most fun I've had around here.:ira:
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    Anyone still reading samurai 8 and whats your thoughts

    I've honestly lost interest. I loved it at first, but it's so hard to read.
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    Why Sarada's 'achievements' aren't that impressive

    Ahem, what dislike button?👀 It's not a thing anymore.
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    [Discussion] do u suffer from loneliness....?????...

    Yes, but honestly, it's not really all that bad sometimes.
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    Why Sarada's 'achievements' aren't that impressive

    Yeah, I know that. I was just "quoting" a certain somebody. ;) She's a smart and strategic ninja, that's what makes her stand out. She didn't do a lot because she was smart enough to know that it's not that simple and straight forward. The chidori saved her just the same way Boruto's karma...