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  1. Shisha

    Busō Shōjo Machiavellism「AMV」- Leave It All Behind

    Hi everyone! I share the last AMV I edited. I hope you like it! xD Pd: I made a special Valentine's Day on my YouTube channel, but it's in Spanish, that's why I don't publish it here, but, if anyone is curious, I leave the Link: 💕 Bye bye!
  2. Shisha

    Merry Christmas! (Special 2019) 「MMD」

    Hi everyone! I don't have a special new year video. So I thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of this thread to wish you a good 2020. Hopefully, have a prosperous 2020! Regards! :D
  3. Shisha

    Merry Christmas! (Special 2019) 「MMD」

    Hi everyone!! Happy Holidays!! I thought I couldn't finish this video on time, but I did it! xD I hope you have a good time! :D
  4. Shisha

    Black☆RockShooter 「AMV」- Make a Move

    Hi all! Before the holidays I managed to complete this AMV! And it looks pretty good! n_n I probably won't be here for the holidays, so ... Happy Holidays!! For all!! n_n
  5. Shisha

    Goblin Slayer「AMV」 - My Name

    Hello everyone! I just uploaded it to YouTube, I post it here too! I hope you like it! :D I loved Goblin Slayer!! Waiting for the 2nd season!! *-*
  6. Shisha

    Black☆Rock Shooter 「AMV」 - UltraNumb

    Hola a todos!! Apenas lo subí a Youtube, asi que tambien lo comparto por aquí. Espero les guste! :D (Hi all!! I just uploaded it to YouTube, so I also share it here. I hope you like it! :D) Voy a comer algo, nos vemos! (I'm going to eat something, see you!)
  7. Shisha

    Obito's Ascension 「AMV」 - Out of Control

    Aquí la contunuacíon del AMV anterior, espero les guste! :D Pd: Tambien fue bloqueado en Youtube... 1556499632 *Trasnlation (I forgot to include it, sorry.) [Here the continuation of the previous AMV, I hope you like it! :D ] (Video) [Pd: It was also blocked on YouTube ...] (GIF)
  8. Shisha

    Obito vs Kakashi 「AMV」 - Last One Standing

    Hola a todos!! Les dejo otro AMV!! Esta vez, de mis peleas favortas de Naruto de Shippuden!! :D (Hello everyone! I leave you another AMV! This time, from my favorite fights of Naruto Shippuden! :D) Pd: Este vídeo me lo bloquearon en Youtube, por eso esta en Vimeo... (Pd: This video was...
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    Thank you! n_n
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    Thank you very much to all! !:D 1549480420 Thanks and yes, I have already published in that section. !:D
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    Thanks for the welcome! :D
  12. Shisha

    Black☆Rock Shooter「AMV」

    Try it! I love editing videos n-n
  13. Shisha

    Black☆Rock Shooter「AMV」

    I share the last AMV that I did!:flirty: I hope you like it. xD
  14. Shisha


    Hi! I'm from Argentina. I do not speak English, but I love anime and do AMVs Thanks, Google Translate :happy: