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    00 // The Prologue

    Adventure Title: Enter the Demon King Adventure: Participants: Myself Type of Check: Prologue
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    [Prologue] Enter the Demon King

    The first night in a new city was always the worst. It didn't help that it was the middle of winter, and the snow in Canada was damn near ten inches deep. In the cold dark night, Jack trudged through the snow, no real destination in mind, but he needed to get out of the hotel. It had only been a...
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    [Vigilante] Jack Daw | The Demon King

    Update- Prizes added from Rebirth of Mayhem Twenty-Four [24] Trait Points 500 Morale Points [ Hero ] Five [5] Mastery Points Two [2] Attribute Points Two [2] Battle Cards One [1] Universal Scoop ( Lasts 1 Month ) Jack Earned 200 Additional Positive Morale Total 04/02/2020 Added new traits...
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    [NW] Madara Uchiha | Ghost of the Uchiha

    Another Madara huh...gunna have to come out of mild retirement to assert dominance real quick <_<
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    NarutoBase, memories.

    my old ass is still unchanged
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    Délta's Book of Immortality

    Wood Release
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    New year, same me

    Hades Been a hot minute, imma need to update my cj thread, you can go first, uchiha vs uchiha
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    [ Mayhem Crisis ] The Trial of Heroism

    Jack stepped forward. Behind Cadet B, the other two where doing something. The one who created the barriers wrapped more of the substance around him, and threw him against it. The initial throw was all Jack saw, as the man was now moving beyond his ability to react, but that mattered not...
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    [ Mayhem Crisis ] The Trial of Heroism

    Jacks plan had worked, and had given him vital information. It seemed drawing blood was somewhat against the rules, or at least, maybe the man with the kunai didn't want to hurt him. This worked in Jacks favor, being that he had no reserves in taking as much damage as he needed to achieve his...
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    [ Mayhem Crisis ] The Trial of Heroism

    Jacks move was a success, as Silvio was pulled towards him, but Jack was running on Empty, and needed a quick breather for his quirk to fully adjust. However, it seemed the guy with the knives wasn't going to let up, continuing the knives trajectory towards Silvio. Silvio moved first, dodging...
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    [ Mayhem Crisis ] The Trial of Heroism

    Jack wasnt too far behind, as he witnessed Silvio grab the disc. That dude was too damned fast for his own good. A brief pause in Silvio before he began to run backwards, towards Jack. It seemed like for a moment he had wanted to continue forward, but had opted against it to rejoin the team...
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    [ Mayhem Crisis ] The Trial of Heroism

    Jack watched as the dogman got further and further away, damn he was quick. Hopefully, he knew he'd be unable to do this alone and would grab the disk and retreat to regroup. If Jack lost this Bash because the dog got too excited over the ball, he'd be really mad. Moving up a few squares, Jack...
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    [ Mayhem Crisis ] The Undead Walk Again

    Narrative Update:→ Ben Wolf has been damaged by the Undead People currently located in M9. They deal 2 Damage but Ben Wolf has 0.5 Damage Shaving, hence only suffers 1.5 Damage Points. Reducing his Health Points to 5.5 Points. → Hades has engaged Michael Rays, which prompts the latter to...
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    [ Mayhem Crisis ] Highway Robbery

    . Narrative Update:→ Hera has revealed his true form, having been stuck in that female body for Forty-One [41] Years. Declaring devotion involves both Minerva and Silver to declare devotion to Hera the God, otherwise her Quirk's Effects cannot work. Declaring devotion will evoke tremendous...
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    [ Mayhem Crisis ] The Calm Before The Storm

    Narrative Update:→ The Mega-Move Performed by Stain has Prevented Anyone Susceptible to the Predatory Persona from using their Persona. This condition will remain in effect until the end of Phase II.
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    [ Mayhem Crisis ] Biological Assault

    Narrative Update:→ The Professional Hero, Portal Girl has Summoned Portals through Silicon Valley. When Part IV arrives, the civilians in Biometrics will be removed for they have travelled to the rooftop as instructed by Professor Ziliean. Anyone still remaining in the building will engage in...
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    [ Mayhem Crisis ] The League of Villains Strike!

    . Map Update:→ Each Part Update, the Radiation will Spread 1 Block in Perimeter. Bots Occupying a radiated block will only be exposed to the radiation at the beginning of the next Part Update. Any Named Character will immediately develop the effects because exposure is automatic unless...
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    [ Mayhem Crisis ] The Trial of Heroism

    Jaxk was ready to have some fun, being stuck in a supplementary role actually worked for him, he didn't want to use his quirk to go on the offensive against people who didn't need to be hurt. Naomi was the first to speak, a little motivation speech to the dogman and himself. Jack smirked...
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    [ Mayhem Crisis ] The Trial of Heroism

    Jack had remained off on his lonesome after arriving on the island. The desolate sadness that seemed corrupted into these people reminded him of his home town, the one he had left behind. He felt sad, seeing the poverty all around him, and while the other students had been mingling around, Jack...
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    Hidden Trove