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  1. Im_not_Osama_bin_laden

    Neji vs Deidra

    Da F are you talking about? :lmao:
  2. Im_not_Osama_bin_laden

    Neji vs Deidra

    Yes pls. Leave
  3. Im_not_Osama_bin_laden

    [Debate] do u trust women????..

    I only have 64 wifes so I cant really anwser this.
  4. Im_not_Osama_bin_laden

    [Theory] (Spoilers For Chapter 260) Doctor Ujiko's Quirk

    Yes me like very much. Me by reading manga. Yes. Watching porn now thats a NoNo.
  5. Im_not_Osama_bin_laden

    who trained harder : Sakura Haruno or Hinata hiyuga????

    I think its Sakura although it did not help at all cause she is so trash.
  6. Im_not_Osama_bin_laden

    [Theory] The Ultimate Proof that Kanjuro is the Traitor

    Interesting and possible.
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    Hello everyone! :D

    Hey, welcome to AB. We hope you have a great time here.
  8. Im_not_Osama_bin_laden

    Idea of characters that can beat Saitama?

    Uhhhhh tankz 1581634262 Oh ok.
  9. Im_not_Osama_bin_laden

    [VS] Rinnegan Madara vs EMS Madara

    Limbo. That's all I'm gonna say.
  10. Im_not_Osama_bin_laden

    [NW] Zenitsu Agatsuma

    That's actually LIT. Even tho I do not like Zenitsu that much in demon slayer but this is really cool.
  11. Im_not_Osama_bin_laden

    Madara Uchiha the Savior

    Idk what if he had bombs like Deidara cause you know......... explosions and all.
  12. Im_not_Osama_bin_laden

    Neji vs Deidra

    Yes me like Deidara very much. This is true. My guy legit is immune to eye-based genjutsus, he can fly and he has a vast array of different bombs he can use. From small bombs that explode your cells to bombs that can blow up a village with EASE.
  13. Im_not_Osama_bin_laden

    Naruto characters (No Boruto series) with the Marvel Symbiote Request

    That sounds really cool. I can't draw myself but I would love to see it tho.
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    [Discussion] Silver Spoon

    Like Deidara explosion. Yes?
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    hello hi

    Hey, welcome to AB. I hope you get somewhat comfy and have fun. Just so you know this website can have its ups and downs but remember that there are always people to go to and help you. (Mostly the mods since the rest of us are just a bunch of goofballs) :)
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    Neji vs Deidra

    What? fam Hinata gets clapped like EASY she dead.
  17. Im_not_Osama_bin_laden

    Idea of characters that can beat Saitama?

    Oh no, I'm not that new. Tobiara language is just really dumb. :hypnotobi: 1581542371 How do you even do it? I kinda want to know so I can annoy my brother.