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  1. salamander uchiha

    Will Boruto use Frog Kata?

    That's not how it works, who says he'll beat Jigen? Arsepull Karma was something that might beat/help beat Jigen according to KK. As for the anime being mentioned in the manga only the field trip arc was mentioned. It is definitely canon, minus a few bits and bobs.
  2. salamander uchiha

    [NEWS] U.S. household debt hits record high of $14.15 trillion

    U.S. household debt hits record high of $14.15 trillion Total U.S. household debt reached a record $14.15 trillion at the end of the year after increasing by $193 billion, or 1.4%, in the fourth quarter of 2019, according to the Fed’s Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit. The...
  3. salamander uchiha

    [Debate] would u remain teh same person if u become rich?????..

    Touché, a true social scrounger I see :unsure: Why not¯\_(ツ)_/¯ OT: You're only as rich as you feel, money doesn't change that. If you mean would I change as in do other things, I suppose.
  4. salamander uchiha

    Anyone hear suffer from anxiety

    Noise triggers me, as does meaningless drivel, especially when I'm trying to concentrate or do something. I become irritable after either of those two. I remain so until I find a release. When I try something new or I'm in a new situation I do get a little anxious (human nature), but after a...
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    Sometimes you have to pull them to the side or when your on your own and tell them in a sincere way. That way you won't embarrass them in front of people and the ego can be kept in check. You start by saying we're friends.. and go from there.
  6. salamander uchiha

    Guardian of the witch new mangaplus series

    Yes, we'll probably know more after the 12 mark, but so far the plot point has been emphasised and we've been given a time limit.
  7. salamander uchiha

    Guardian of the witch new mangaplus series

    Read chapter 2 it's going good so far.
  8. salamander uchiha

    [Debate] do u trust women????..

    Minamoto San it is improper to ask one questions without first answering them yourself, so do you have a gf? If yes, is she cheating on you, tute?
  9. salamander uchiha

    Will Boruto use Frog Kata?

    That's filler fanfic/speculation, he even entered Garaaga's mind. Yes his plot induced ass pulls are a sight to behold.
  10. salamander uchiha

    [Debate] do u trust women????..

    What happened Minamoto San?
  11. salamander uchiha

    who trained harder : Sakura Haruno or Hinata hiyuga????

    Sakura, she started as nothing except having excellent chakra control, then trained hard to build up her strength, agility (pattern recognition ability), speed, thaijutsu, stamina, medical knowledge and develop her medical jutsu. The stats reflect each characters starting point and improvements...
  12. salamander uchiha

    [Debate] do u trust women????..

    Depends on their character, their value system, what environment they grew up and how they responded to it. Generally speaking I practise benefit of the doubt, until I can gauge the situation better.
  13. salamander uchiha

    [NEWS] Have no fear, Indonesia's Spider-Man will clean up your trash

    Have no fear, Indonesia's Spider-Man will clean up your trash Indonesian cafe worker Rudi Hartono struggled to persuade residents of his small coastal community of Parepare to follow his example and pick up rubbish strewn on the streets and beaches -- until he dressed up as Spider-Man. "At...
  14. salamander uchiha

    About rinnegan

    Tobi, somebody's erring here, lol. BZ said he approached incarnates of both (Indra and Asura) but only Madara succeeded.
  15. salamander uchiha

    Hello everyone! :D

    Welcome to AB, I hope you enjoy your stay.
  16. salamander uchiha

    [NEWS] Antarctica logs hottest temperature on record

    As long as the air is fresh (earth is green) and the clean water is plentiful I'm not bothered in the slightest. Btw, shouldn't their be a relative high temperature environment?
  17. salamander uchiha

    [VS] Darui vs Hashirama

    I see:unsure: And agree.
  18. salamander uchiha

    [VS] Darui vs Hashirama

    Yeah, That doesnt register. Anyway, you should give more detail on "connect all relevant parties." A few examples and why, would be nice.
  19. salamander uchiha

    [VS] Darui vs Hashirama

    Wtf is Partisan scaling? Way too much trolling here. @Tauren Chieftain your thoughts?