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  1. Kajime Kazuhiro

    SOTM # 24: The Villains

    I'll give it a shot for the current month ;)
  2. Kajime Kazuhiro

    Post your first Tag/Signature.

    Really amusing to see changes all through practice and dedication. xD
  3. Kajime Kazuhiro

    Post your first Tag/Signature.

    There are some signatures which used custom brushes as sort of a modernized graffiti effect, and even so 'till today. But yeah, recently people use 3D abstract renders to add to their signatures as means to make the same aesthetic, but with a 3D touch to it. Fancy light rays, mirror/glass...
  4. Kajime Kazuhiro

    hello uwu

    Ayyy! it's Yuu! Welcome to AnimeBase Forums uwu
  5. Kajime Kazuhiro

    [Predictions] My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 212 Discussion and 213 Predictions

    I thought so too at first, but I think Deku handling those quirks individually would be easy for him. OFA quirk is the cultivation of those other quirks being stockpiled (the black lightning/power coming from the Funky quirk user being one of them), so it wouldn't have as much repercussions to...
  6. Kajime Kazuhiro

    SOTM # 23:Ship -VOTING

    Kinda hard to pick between two here that I personally like
  7. Kajime Kazuhiro

    [Predictions] My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 212 Discussion and 213 Predictions

    Yep...I knew all along, it'll have similarities with Avatar, and it definitely is. Well, what I'm actually concerned now is how Deku could train himself with those shared quirk abilities.
  8. Kajime Kazuhiro

    konnichi wa

    Hi, welcome to AnimeBase!
  9. Kajime Kazuhiro

    Forum Ranks & Discord Ranks

    Kajime Kazuhiro#9569 Oh, and I would also like to get my custom Forum username/title removed in replace with the default Elite userbar. Thanks!
  10. Kajime Kazuhiro

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Knife Party - Bonfire (Camellia's Electro House Bootleg) Up Next: Virutal Riot - Rampage (Original Mix)
  11. Kajime Kazuhiro

    Shiritori (Word Chain)

  12. Kajime Kazuhiro

    Boys vs Girls

    oh boi, this is gonna be fun 384
  13. Kajime Kazuhiro

    Shiritori (Word Chain)

  14. Kajime Kazuhiro

    Shiritori (Word Chain)

  15. Kajime Kazuhiro

    [Predictions] My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 211 Discussion and 212 Predictions

    I mean, with that in mind I don't think Aizawa could stop it either, since even though the Quirk Factor is disabled, OFA will still be taking its form. But yeah, now I wonder what the situation would be after all of this (Shinsou's brainwashing, and Deku's embarrassment towards all of the...
  16. Kajime Kazuhiro

    Forum Ranks & Discord Ranks

    same here, but pretty sure they're still working with other stuff at the moment before dealing with the Discord rank -> Forum issue.
  17. Kajime Kazuhiro

    [Question] It had been 2 months!

    Ai(I) have also been talking about the Discord rank -> Forum issue as well, but since that we already had confirmation, we just really have to wait for it. And Ai(I) am pretty sure they would put it on their list of stuff to do (they just need to have more people to work for it, tbh) (and yes...
  18. Kajime Kazuhiro

    Sony Vegas Pro 15 Edit for $25

    lol, I remember the old times when I still used Sony Vegas Pro for editing. (and y'know, from ehrm..."bootleg" sources)
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