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  1. MickNerks

    [Discussion] Big Mom and Kiado during Wano War

    Yeah, I was asking if we thought they would be pushed into a corner to where they had to use their DF awakening
  2. MickNerks

    [Spoilers] Black Clover TimeSkip

    I do think this new arc will give us an opportunity to see more of Asta and his devil interact
  3. MickNerks

    [Spoilers] Black Clover TimeSkip

    I'm really looking forward to New Deigns. Especially designs that also merge some of the Heart Kingdoms style. I 100% agree with you on Charmy. She is like the "Might Guy" of black clover, as we all know she is strong, but its gonna take that one overpowered villian to make her go all out and...
  4. MickNerks

    [Spoilers] Black Clover TimeSkip

    Soo, we are now getting to the TimeSkip section of the Black Clover series and after seeing the Mages who are going to be training with the Spirit directors, I just wanted to talk about how broken a few of these characters will be after this TimeSkip. 1. Luck - Having luck train for a year...
  5. MickNerks

    [Discussion] Big Mom and Kiado during Wano War

    We know that soon we will enter the biggest and most brutal war that One Piece has ever shown. And with Kaido and Big Mom as two of the biggest agents of this war I did have a question about their potential DF reveals. Do you guys think that at some point in the Wano War we will see Kaido...
  6. MickNerks

    [Spoilers] Eiichiro Oda's interview ( August 30th 2019 )

    I think Oda could realistically finish the story in 6-8 years to give us a full story. If he ended it in 5, he would have to trim some fat off the story and leave some characters out. The WG vs SH Arc alone should be 2 years.
  7. MickNerks

    [Predictions] Who will take down Orochi?

    I personally think Kyoshiro will be the one to take Orochi out. It just seems like the poetic ending that orochi deserves
  8. MickNerks

    [Discussion] Luffy's Crew vs Yonko's Crew

    Do you think her ministers are stronger or to overwhelming for the straw hat fleet commanders? (Bartolomeo, Cavendish, Leo, Hajrudin, ect)
  9. MickNerks

    [Discussion] Luffy's Crew vs Yonko's Crew

    Scenario 1: Straw Hats lose their copy of the Road poneglyph and need another one from Whole Cake Island. Luffy takes his enitre Grand Fleet to WCI to retrieve another copy after learning that Big Mom is in a coma. The Grand Fleet makes there way all the way to WCI and fights the entire Big Mom...
  10. MickNerks

    [Discussion] Best supernova crew

    Well considering Luffy has 5,600 members in his crew, 2 being supernova's excluding himself, one ex-warlord, and at least 5 giants. I would definitely agree that Luffy has the strongest crew.
  11. MickNerks

    [Predictions] Black Clover Manga Chapter 197 Discussion and 198 Predictions

    Does this chapter prove that Asta has a certain degree of control over the Anti Magic that he releases, because technically when him and Yuno did the combine attack against The Demon asta's anti magic should have negated Yuno's magic. So can Asta control the magic that is Negated?
  12. MickNerks

    [Predictions] Black Clover Manga Chapter 195 Discussion and 196 Predictions

    How did you know.. Her only other 1v1 was against the witch from the midnight sun, which she one shotted
  13. MickNerks

    [Predictions] Black Clover Manga Chapter 195 Discussion and 196 Predictions

    Can we talk about how charmy is about to defeat an amped Magic Knight Captain.. Charmy is Captain level ?
  14. MickNerks

    [VS] Zoro vs Raid Suit Sanji

    People joking and criticizing Sanji for being trained by Ivankov, but Ivankov was portrayed to be Bartholomew Kuma's equal and rival in combat if not even more terrifying than Kuma himself. I'm not saying he is as strong as Rayleigh or Mihawk, but Kuma did no diff the entire strawhat crew...
  15. MickNerks

    Asta and Yuno's Magic Forms

    Should Asta and Yuno both have access to the full versions of their respective AntiMagic/WindSpirit form. It seems like that should be the case considering both Noelle and Luck both have obtained access to new forms and the are the full versions. Also, How much more powerful do you think...
  16. MickNerks

    [Discussion] Can an Admiral one shot Luffy?

    Simple Answer to this Question is "NO" Kaido is far stronger than anything the Admirals have shown attack wise. Kizaru doesnt 1-shot Fujitora doesnt 1-shot With that being said it should be fair to say that Green Bull doesn't 1-shot either. Could the Admirals do serious damage? Yes, of...
  17. MickNerks

    [Discussion] Which conquerers haki clash was more impressive?

    I'm not just saying this because it is recent, but IMO the Luffy vs Katakuri clash was the best for a couple reasons. 1. It showed the raw power of Kings Haki, without having to have physical contact, unlike the clashes with Luffy vs Chinjoa, Doffy, and Big Mom. The effect on the environment...
  18. MickNerks

    [Discussion] Serious question

    Currently Blackbeard has the Greatest Attack Power among the Devil Fruit Users
  19. MickNerks

    [Discussion] Top 10 Strongest Characters on Wano

    IMO top 10 strongest in Wano are: 1. Kaido 2. Luffy 3. Inuarashi (Sulong Form)/ Nekomamushi (Sulong Form)/ Eustass Kidd 5. King 6. Queen 7. Zoro/Sanji (German Suit) 8. Jack/Shutenmaru 10. Law/Hawking/X-Drake
  20. MickNerks

    [Discussion] If kaido and big mom throw down

    Yet: 3rd Gear Luffy produced enough force to knock him out of the sky