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  1. Rasnall

    Goodbye ^_^

    Looking back at 2012 makes me feel old af.
  2. Rasnall

    [CJ Training Nemo, Reborn, Sharingdork, Vincent]

    My farewell gift to you all for making NB such a fun place to be. I am teaching the following as the rules state I can not teach my S rank's: (Fuwafuwa Mira Kiri) Light Reflection Mist [/SPOILER] (Fuwafuwa Mira San) Light Reflection Sun. . (Fuwafuwa Mira Hateshinai Akuma) Light...
  3. Rasnall

    [ARCHIVE] Custom Elements Bureau - II

    Re: Custom Elements Bureau Custom element Japanese name: Kettou | シュガー Custom element English name: Sugar Release The element is based on: Doton + Chakra control Facts that prove the element to be possible (in the manga context): In the Narutoverse we see multiple things that show that...
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    [§] Kirigakure Village Applications [§]

    [§] Kirigakure Village Applications [§] This thread has been created to help our newly appointed Mizukage with choosing who may join our ranks in the village. Please read these rules before applying and follow the template later mentioned. Rules: You are applying to become a villager in...
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    (Early Years Series) Chapter II ~ The Wrong Path.

    Jiraya....wait....where are you going?! Sarutobi follows Jiraya as he makes his way down the road but gets no answers. Won't you stay to help out? Jiraya stops dead in the middle of the road. ......wait..... He slowly picks up speed as his walk turns into a jog. Wait...wait...wait...
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    (Early Years Series) Chapter I ~ The Orphan Jinchúriki.

    Chaos. Villagers are running in all directions putting out fires and trying to save those crushed by rubble falling from buildings. House's, shop's, school's all gone in a flash. This village is known as Konohagakure . A group of ninja's stand helpless as their hero dies in front of them, the...
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    Open (fun, RP and stuff of such nature....)

    R&R Everything allowed No Stealing Mid range Terrain: This is where we shall meet after we RP on how we get there. *Choji walks out of the food shop with enough to last his trip.* Time for some training....maybe if I snack along the way it will stop me from losing weight ^_^ *Choji...
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    [Rasnall Wood Release Training] 木遁, Mokuton with the Master.

    *Sits on the highest branch of an oak tree that stands at the centre of a huge open field.* No one but myself and Sensei to post here unless asked.
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    [Approved] Chōji Akimichi | 秋道チョウジ

    "I hereby swear that, as the sixteenth head of the Akimichi, I will entrust the oath entrusted to me by the fifteenth to the child that will become the seventeenth! In order to protect both the Yamanaka and the Nara clans and to protect Konoha, I, Chōji Akimichi, will now come forth from my...
  10. Rasnall

    (Update) Rasnall Hyuga Leonhart

    "A man does what he must - in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures - and that is the basis of all human morality." Name: Rasnall Hyuga Leonhart Nickname: Raz/Hidden Master of Kirigakure Gender: Male Age: 23 Clan: Hyūga Height: 195 cm Blood Type: AB...
  11. Rasnall

    [Open] For Fun.

    Rei R&R Everything allowed. No Stealing. Killing doesn't count toward bio. Terrain: Plain field. (For fun please. If you argue one in the thread you lose, this includes mentioning anything about quoted moves in spoilers etc. Any questions in VM. Also RP'ing wont kill you.) *Rasnall is resting...
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    Thought about the Konha attack.

    I was walking to work today and was listening to music *walking along, walking along* then BLAM...I randomly thinking of the last chapter and how Obito will now go on his sad rage, Rin died, only way to see her again is by using the moons eye plan blah blah was thinking about how...
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    [ARCHIVE] Custom Jutsu Submission - II

    Re: ±±Custom Jutsu Submission±± (Suiton: Gyaku Morutaru) Water Release: Reverse Mortar Eruption. Type: Offensive Rank: B Range: Mid - Long Chakra Cost: 20 Damage Points: 35 Description: The user forms the "Ram" handseal and focuses on the water beneath an opponent. The user slam's both their...
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    [Rasnall Wood Release Training] 木遁, Mokuton with the Master.

    *Sits on the highest branch of an oak tree that stands at the centre of a huge open field.* No one but myself and SY to post here unless asked.
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    [Spoilers] The Stranger Tobi....

    This is not me saying this is the truth, but a thought I has while talking about the recent Naruto Manga events with a friend I thoight I would share with you all. Also I used the SEARCH button and found no thread on this. If there is already one then my apologises. Since Obito has been...
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    [Approved] ヤマト, Yamato

    "I like being nice and friendly, but I don't have any problems with ruling by fear either" Name: ヤマト, Yamato Nickname: Tenzō of the Wood Release (木遁のテンゾウ, Mokuton no Tenzō) Gender: Male Age: 26 Looks Yamato has short brown hair and large, almond-shaped, black eyes. When he débuted, Yamato...
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    Open Spar #02

    Rei R&R CJ allowed CE not allowed Killing, Stealing etc doesn't count. Terrain: (I am stood next to the flag. The stage is a max of Mid range, if you go to long then you will be on the water surrounding it.)
  18. Rasnall

    Open to all. Spar #01

    * Killing allowed (doesn't count towards Bio) * Stealing not allowed * CJ allowed * CW allowed * CE not allowed. Terrain: Rasnall is sat meditating at the center of a huge lake. Water stretching upto long range in all directions, tall cliffs surround the lake. We start at Mid Range I'll be...
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    [Technical Issue] What happened to the Notes section?

    As the title asks.
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    Riddle #1

    Taken from "The Pervy Sage" profile but have heard it before. I solved this medium difficulty. Wanted to know how you guys would cope. Will post a new riddle each week ^_^ ______________________ You borrow £500 from your dad, and borrowed another £500 from your mum, you go out and buy a...