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  1. Uchihaa Sasuke

    Sasuke Uchiha's Most Underrated Feats

    Well, not really underrated as much as completely overlooked. These are some of the most impressive feats/facts I've noticed about Sasuke that are underappreciated: 1- Sasuke beating 1,000 Ninjas unscathed while holding back: This feat is more impressive than you might think because aside...
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    Sarada Otsutsuki?

    It seems you're right. Sarada may really have some hidden godly power being born to someone with Indra and Ashura DNA which makes her a natural-born Otsutsuki. That's really exciting. She may actually unlock more than just the Rinnegan. I would just like to add that Sasuke didn't get Ashura...
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    Kaguya/ Madara: Because of the Infinite Tsukuyomi Sasuke: Was stated to have the strongest genjutsu, probably a mini Infinite Tsukuyomi Then comes Shisui, even though his genjutsu can be only activated once every 10 years, it can control people without them knowing Then Itachi's Tsukuyomi where...
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    [Discussion] Why I don't like Itachi Uchiha

    Wrong. Itachi died and Sasuke's stats and skills have only increased exponentially. There are thousands of motivations for Sasuke to become strong other than Itachi. And btw, Itachi only reached that level early on because he experienced war at a young age. And at war, kids mature early on. He...
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    [Discussion] Why I don't like Itachi Uchiha

    I'm not demonizing him. The story does. Itachi was kind of a horrible person in his own right who corrupted his brother: And wasn't Itachi the one who told Hiruzen and Danzo about the coup? So the Uchiha wouldn't have been in danger without him.
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    [Discussion] Why I don't like Itachi Uchiha

    I guess the first Hokage had a small brain or was trolling when he called Itachi a greater shinobi than himself, which is the definition of a hero in the Naruto world when all he did was kill his own parents. And I don't think it's debatable. If this happened in real life, Itachi needs to be...
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    [Discussion] Why I don't like Itachi Uchiha

    I think he's an overrated character whose achievements were basically: killing his parents, who allowed it because they didn't want to harm him, abusing kid Sasuke, who wasn't old enough to be able to defend himself, beating Nagato with Naruto and B in a 3 on 1 fight, and beating Kabuto with...
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    Indra and Ashura

    Never mind. I just remembered now that Black Zetsu said that the So6P and Madara are the only ones who awakened the Rinnegan. Indra probably didn't have it.
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    Indra and Ashura

    I can't say for sure but it's possible that he inherited rikudo chakra that made him awaken the rinnegan. I always wondered also how was he able to protect himself from blindness from the overuse of the Mangekyou. He probably inherited rikudo chakra.
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    Indra and Ashura

    Indra was born stronger than Ashura. Either by gaining power from the sage or awakening his own inherited power, Ashura managed to rival his brother and they destroyed each other in battle. That means they were equal. I don't think being Indra or Ashura's incarnation has anything to do with...
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    [Discussion] what was jusu orochimaru stoped sasuke from doing????..

    Kirin. But it seems that Kishimoto later decided that it wasn't that easy to cast and needed preparations first.
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    Can Sasuke be nerfed?

    Sure sure but what's that white thing?
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    Can Sasuke be nerfed?

    What's that white thing on profile picturs?
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    [Discussion] Who does Sasuke love the most?

    Itachi, he killed Danzo and was going to destroy the whole village and kill everyone in it for Itachi alone. Then comes Sakura and Naruto.
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    Naruto is all about Uchiha

    It's all about Sasuke actually.
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    which naruto character have the same birthday as you?

    For me 1-Madara Uchiha (honorable) 2-madam shijimi (whoever she is)
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    after awakening rsm why madara learned levitation in no time

    But took naruto sometime to do it? Does this say something about madaras natural talents?
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    Im confused, did hagoromo give rinnegan to sasuke and rsm to naruto

    Or did they unlock these things by themeselves? I believe the conditions to unlock the rinnegan have been met in sasuke, he had hashirama cells, ALSO RECEIVED CHAKRA FROM NARUTO and was near death just like how madara was when he awakened his rinnegan And naruto had chakra from all the tailed...
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    Adult Sasuke and Naruto vs Hagoromo

    Who do you think would win?
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    Neji vs Haku

    Part 1 neji vs haku No intel Who'd win nd why?