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  1. Bob74h

    [VS] Hidan vs Deepa

  2. Bob74h

    [VS] Adult lee (Boruto) vs Maito gai (Shippuden)

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    Can momoshiki absorb zabuza's mist jutsu?

    Momoshiki's absorption powers vs Zabuza's mist
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    Why is zetsu so underrated?

    He fought, Mei and kept up with her aswell as kcm naruto And even tanked mei's kick and got up effortlessly But yea sasori can beat zetsu despite not being able to tank sakura's punch I guess sakura is above a mizukage now, lol Naruto got tripped by zetsu and even called him pretty...
  5. Bob74h

    Kawaki is just a dollar store version of sasuke

    Vaguely the same power as the other genin,also is a orphan and has a brother like relationship with main character both also have a big final battle at the end And another thing too Both are from places who mistreated them, the leaf who killed sasuke's family and jigen who abused kawaki...
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    Founder of studio pierrot has died apparently
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    Naruto worldwide, character popularity vote

    my mistake then
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    How strong is rusty hanzo???

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    Poll results are in. Minato won

    Neji didt even get top 10 Well whatever, there goes my interest Im not reading boruto's dad's father the manga What is there even to talk about with his character? His relationship with his squad? His wife? like is there really any conflict for a story there
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    Naruto's generation vs boruto's generation

    s All the characters seen here P1 versions of the naruto era dudes
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    Gedo mazo vs Momoshiki's golem

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    Zetsu vs Izumo and kotetsu

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    [VS] Kara Puppets vs Toneri's Puppets

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    [VS] Sarada vs Konohamaru (Boruto)

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    Zabuza's gang vs sound 5