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  1. Sanger_Zonvolt

    Apparently Speed O’ Sound Sonic’s entire clan has the same naming scheme

    Like the other member, Flashy flash, and even names like Tempest Tornado and stuff like that. They all have these redundant names that are basically the Japanese and “no” before the English translation or the closest word to it. Is that basically their theme?
  2. Sanger_Zonvolt

    [Question] Could the Naruto series have used a proper timeline of events?

    I mean, just think about it. This is a universe with so many important historical events and dates, and all they can mention is how many years or months passed since certain events. It’s pathetic because then you don’t even know around what times in particular a lot of different events of the...
  3. Sanger_Zonvolt

    How familiar are you with Gundam?

    In any way at all, whether you've heard of it or watched one or two series. What do you think about it?
  4. Sanger_Zonvolt

    Is Toei just one of the most incompetent anime studios ever?

    As in, they have so many failures in their history, from discarding the broadcast audio of the original DBZ show, to hiring a serial plagiarist for OST composition, to the travesty that is the Gaiking LODM TV version, and likely so much more. Why are they plagued by negligent management despite...
  5. Sanger_Zonvolt

    Who’s your favorite anime OST composer?

    One from before the 2000’s and one from after. Or top 3 from each if you can’t pick one. And what are their best projects in your opinion? Mine for the first category would be Kōhei Tanaka, Yasunori Iwasaki, and Tomoki Hasegawa. The 2nd would be Yasuharu Takanashi, Taku Iwasaki, and Hiroyuki Sawano.
  6. Sanger_Zonvolt

    OPM deserves applause for its premise

    First of all, basically no one knowing who Saitama is and giving all the credit to King or whoever else is genius. Saitama also only gets pulled out as a last resort when we’ve seen everyone else do enough already. This makes him a sort of secret weapon, though it has the alternate effect of a...
  7. Sanger_Zonvolt

    Why is Dragon Ball's OST so mediocre in spite of its status within anime?

    And by OST, I mean the original Japanese one by Shunsuke Kikuchi, the award-winning composer who was active from the 60's right up till 1999: As a preface, neither Faulconer nor any other existing replacement score (not even Kai as that was plagiarized) is my basis for any comparison here, but...
  8. Sanger_Zonvolt

    Glad to be here

    我はゼンガー・ゾンボルト、悪を断つ剣なり! Ok, to skip the meme intro & all, I'm just a guy who happens to prefer mecha anime (and just mecha in general) to all the other genres even though it's not the only good one out there, and I hope to find more people like myself around here. Preferred mecha series include...