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  1. MomoSaka

    Can Orochimaru use Kirin?

  2. MomoSaka

    Is 3t Sarada on SM Mitsuki level?

    Ofc both of them cannot use those powers at 100% yet. 1t Sarada was already on base Mitsuki level, so what do you think?
  3. MomoSaka

    Minato gaiden

    Since kishi expressed some interest on making a small gaiden series about Minato at some point, how would you feel about it if it were to happen? Do you think it will ever happen in the future?
  4. MomoSaka

    Can Rock lee use the 8 gates?

  5. MomoSaka

    Who's gonna be Mitsuki's rival?

    Shinki? A Kara member? Or do you think his rival is gonna be a totally new character?
  6. MomoSaka

    Are there any characters you would like to see coming back once again?

    Through Edo Tensei? I would like to see Madara and.....maybe Neji too. :3
  7. MomoSaka

    Are we ever going to see more of Kimimaro's clan?

    The fact that his clan's name is literally "Kaguya" and their KKG ability is bone manipulation only proves to us all the connection between the clan and Kaguya herself. Since the Boruto series kind of focuses on the Otstsukis more, are we ever going to see the origins and the truth behind that...
  8. MomoSaka

    How did you start watching Naruto? :0

    How did you start watching Naruto? :O I personally (when I was like...5 or 6(?) years old) was watching TV and was switching between the channels randomly to see if there's anything interesting and all of a sudden the scene in which Oro was about to use his "killing intent" jutsu on Sasuke and...
  9. MomoSaka

    Best anime to start with in 2019!!!

    It's basically: THE PROMISED NEVERLAND Yes, this incredibly popular manga series will get its own anime that will air on Jan of 2019! Here are the main characters anime designs: For those who are interested, here's a small preview of what the story is about: Emma lives in the Grace Field...
  10. MomoSaka

    Who's your fav Otsutsuki character so far?

    I personally like Kaguya the most out of them all tbh.
  11. MomoSaka

    How would you feel like if this turns out to be a continuation to the series?

    Now, before starting, this is 100% never going to happen and is indeed super unlikely, but I'm still curious about everyone's opinion on this as a potential continuation to the series as a whole!XD supposedly, let's say that Boruto failed and Kawaki won, and Naruto was still trapped in that...
  12. MomoSaka

    Jigen's seal

    How will Jigen look like when he activates his seal? Just by looking at how messy Boruto's and Kawaki's seals look like when they're activated, I can't even imagine how terrifying Jigen would look like with it.XD Also, how do you think he ended up having it? What if he actually didn't kill any...
  13. MomoSaka

    [Suggestion] Bring back the "moods" system!

    From what I've seen, it was a thing back in the days (2013). I personally found it funny and kind of cool. I would really like to see it brought back once again if possible!=D All of these looked cool tbh: They should get updated because they're still kind of outdated, and new ones...
  14. MomoSaka

    What do you think the next arc is going to be about?

    In the latest chapter, Ray and that mysterious man finally returned, and it looks like the goldy pond arc is reaching its end, so I wonder what will happen next? I think Emma, Ray, and the survivors will go back to the shelter and meet up with the old kids (Can't wait to see Gilda, and I'm...
  15. MomoSaka

    Do people still seriously think that Oro's gonna be irrelevant?

    I mean, it's basically confirmed that Orochimaru is indeed related to KK and Kara.:happy: It's not only about being Mitsuki's parent anymore.:happy: Also, Sasuke will most likely go to him now for real, not only is he going to ask him about the seal but also about KK too!:bouncy: Oro might...
  16. MomoSaka

    Is KK stupid or what?

    Does he actually know what was going to happen if he actually killed all of them? Naruto, Sasuke, Hanabi (For Konohamaru), and Orochimaru. Just imagine.....
  17. MomoSaka

    Do you think it's possible for Sarada to get her uncle's weapons?

    IF the story was actually focusing on her and the others equally? So development/screentime/power ups for everybody. I personally believe that it's highly possible if that was the case. I can see Sarada meeting Itachi in a dream or someone will Edo tensei him(:rolleyes:). The reason that would...
  18. MomoSaka

    So you mean to tell me...

    That Boruto's seal will also have absorption jutsus? Wth? How many times are they going to re-use this concept (absorbing Ninjutsu)? First with Momoshiki, then Katasuki's device. After that, Naruto's arm, and now Boruto's seal??? Did they seriously not find anything interesting other than...
  19. MomoSaka

    what do you think will Boruto do if....

    what do you think Boruto will do if.... Oro used his killing intent jutsu on him in comparison to Sasuke? Honestly, if part 1 Sasuke who was even more badass/cooler/stronger than Boruto was about to $hit himself, then I wonder how Boruto's face would look likeXD Stay on topic and don't...
  20. MomoSaka

    Kara girl!

    I tried my best:sweat: Kara girl solos:score: What do you think?