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  1. Rohan

    What do you think happened to urashikis partner

    The writer of Boruto is terrible. I highly doubt these plot lines will be resolved.
  2. Rohan

    Why narutobase sucks

    So true. I am a part of active forums with a lot of users and I still find them boring. Lol
  3. Rohan

    Why narutobase sucks

    This will probably never happen.
  4. Rohan

    Why narutobase sucks

    I agree with this. The best method probably would have been to keep the site as it was with the NB branding and make the Naruto roleplay the main focus of the site. It would have worked because at the end phase of NB, the RP section had the second highest activity levels. With the NB branding...
  5. Rohan

    What happened to Narutobase?

    The last reply by the staff was in June...
  6. Rohan

    What happened to Narutobase?

    Many people including me have complained that the current theme is too bright. I think it makes the theme look unappealing. If they have a dark theme with the same layout it will look ten times better.
  7. Rohan

    Karma and Curse Seal are related

    What could this mean? They are very similar to each other. -Both are tattoos and spread all over the body. -Both can cause partial transformations. -Both cause horn growth. -Both have the Oro Snake mark on the eyes.
  8. Rohan

    [Discussion] What is the most unrealistic talk no jutsu in the series?

    Yeah that part is slightly mysterious. Orochimaru showed interest in taking Sasuke's body and could have easily taken it with the help of the EDO Kages. Yet he did not. Maybe he has a sinister plan.
  9. Rohan

    [Discussion] What is the most unrealistic talk no jutsu in the series?

    Orochimaru's U-turn was more sensible. He was not TNJ'ed. He simply sided with a side which would ensure the proper continuation of his own agenda. The worst U-turns are by Obito, Nagato, Kabuto and Sasuke. 1566490164 This is me saying as a Sauke fanboy. That is how bad it is. 1566490217...
  10. Rohan

    [Discussion] What is the most unrealistic talk no jutsu in the series?

    Sauke's U-Turn is the worst in the series. A big factor to this is Kishi rushing the story at the end.
  11. Rohan

    [Spoilers] Naruto is indeed an Uzumaki

    He is called Naruto "Uzumaki". lol
  12. Rohan

    [Question] Dark Theme

    I wish the dark theme will arrive soon. The current theme is too bright and it is not comfortable to look at.
  13. Rohan

    This place sure has changed.

    The Naruto series ended. It was time to move on. I think the site looks good.
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    Hello Everyone

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    Anime Food Video!

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    Hewwo o/

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