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    Ah thought you were a moderator would you mind tagging one for me? I'm on mobile dunno any by name :p
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    Freak trampoline accident spring shoots in to kids back

    Trampolines are fucking scary. I'm always the one that gets the blow-back hit in the back when jumping with others lol.
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    Why narutobase sucks

    lol says the troll himself. Literally read your threads and everyone replied respectfully and with logic. You never bothered to reply and then make this post?
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    @Howard this guy keeps posting this video, This other profile keeps opening random threads where they don't belong. My ocd can't handle this lol.
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    Do you have any pets?

    1 Cat, few chickens And a puppy rn. But in the future I want some goats! So my dog can herd them, hes a border collie.
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    Introducing a new forum currency: Kin

    I know but whats the point of that if no one can see em? Just for gathering dust. Wish we could use it for profile outlines, FX etc. Right now there is no point gathering the points cuz the only thing worth it is the premium. Which would probably take almost a year to gather considering how the...
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    Introducing a new forum currency: Kin

    Wish the the cosmetics were usable tho like the badges. Ok you can buy them but to what point? There is no way to display them or am I missing something?
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    [Discussion] what languages do you speak?

    I speak Dutch, French, English. Understand some German, Same with some Afrikaans[Mainly reading], but I can't speak it.
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    PhoTM #36-Summer VOTING

    it was one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever went! 1566287295 it's called whitsundays
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    PhoTM #36-Summer VOTING

    grats to the winners :win:
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    PhoTM #36-Summer VOTING

    Wish I could vote tho 😆
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    Claim an Anime/Manga Character

    Nobunaga Oda from Drifters
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    Claim an Anime/Manga Character

    Sasori Naruto
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    Welcome !! you posting this on every thread? you a bot?
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    Re-introducing myself (Toneri)

    welcome back!!
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    **** an umbrella 'cause I like it when it rain, ay Always see me smiling but I'm hella overwhelmed I'm probably die single 'cause I need my fucking space I got leeches in my phone I got drama on my plate I been living on my own I been in and out of state I been egging on the trolls I been...
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    [Question] What's the road ahead?

    Maybe if you bring back some events? make the lottery active again, maybe some goals to work to like the trophy system might be incentives for people to stick around longer and be active.
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    [Discussion] Do you like your birth name?

    Perfectly happy with mine ;d