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  1. Tauren Chieftain

    Game of Thrones Season 8 discussion

    What was really wrong with this show. The fact that dumb and dumber decided from the very beginning that show will have around this much episodes. What kind of retarded logic is that ??? You are forcing yourself to cut the content just to fit under already determined number of episodes. For...
  2. Tauren Chieftain

    Who ruined Infinity War

    That Wanda from House of M had other source of power just like Thanos had other source like infinity stones . Regular Wanda would lose more time than not against Thanos but she has potential to beat him under right circumstances.Dr Strange should be able to handle Thanos way easier.Actually I...
  3. Tauren Chieftain

    Avenger 4: End Game discussion

    Not bad ,but way worse than infinity war. Everything was so forced because it was moving towards that stupid movie rule that good must always triumph over "evil". There is no such thing in infinity war , no PIS and something like that and thats way it will always be superior.
  4. Tauren Chieftain

    Who ruined Infinity War

    Because Thanos is whole tier above Thor . Only characters that should be able to defeat Thanos (without gems) are DR Strange and Scarlet witch.
  5. Tauren Chieftain

    What movie can you watch again and again and never get sick of?

    Lord of the rings is the greatest movie in history and its really surprising so many years after no other movie can beat LOTR greatness. Troy together with Spartacus , Game of thrones and Vikings tv series.
  6. Tauren Chieftain

    Anyone playing for honor?

    If so what is your favorite faction and favorite hero ?
  7. Tauren Chieftain

    Madara is overrated

    This thread is pretty much pathetic way to downgrade character strentgh by using completely irrelevant methods and logic. First lets talk about Rikudo and non Rikudo version of Madara and Naruto and Sasuke for comparison. Non rikudo versions. You are comparing Madara - Hashirama situation...
  8. Tauren Chieftain

    Which 3 video games you would take to deserted island

    In gaming magazine I read they would ask some famous people from here which 3 video games they would take to deserted island.Imagine you are on deserted island and you can only play 3 video games for the rest of your life.No online. What are your 3 games , keep in mind game replayability not...
  9. Tauren Chieftain

    Two years in to trumps presidency whats your thoughts

    Another puppet very disappointed in him. Says one on twitter does different in real life but at least his tweets are funny.
  10. Tauren Chieftain

    Putin´s Russia successfully tested another hypersonic nuclear missile

    After Kinžal Russia is ready to bring into service another hypersonic missile called Avangard. Nato and Usa neither have anything similar nor any defense for this missile: “We don’t have any defense that could deny the employment of such a weapon against us,” said US Air Force General...
  11. Tauren Chieftain

    Happy belated birthday wishes to our saviour

    In the beginning there was Madara. If you don't believe me check out their birth date: Madara 24 december Jesus 25 december Madara true God and saviour
  12. Tauren Chieftain

    Naruto and Sasuke vs Madara

    Madara mid diff.
  13. Tauren Chieftain

    Who are your top 5 favorite female characters

    If we are talking about penetration lets not forget Sasuke who got penetrated by Naruto, Danzo, Madara , Killer Bee , Haku. But Sasuke was Orochimarus *** toy and for some period of time he was even willing to lend him his own body
  14. Tauren Chieftain

    Who are your top 5 favorite female characters

    I like Mei , Hanabi, and Hinata. But my favorite females are Itachi and Sasuke.
  15. Tauren Chieftain

    Game of the year.

    As I predicted God of war won Game of the year for 2018 : I just hope X box ad PC players are not upset over this victory. Also hope Red dead redemption 2 fanboys can hold their tears after bold announcements how red dead redemption...
  16. Tauren Chieftain

    So i watched the new episode

    Ku is synthetic human created by Onoki and most important he is user of Jinton which by default makes him stronger than Kurotsuchi.
  17. Tauren Chieftain

    Naruto Vs Gai

    Gai wins , Night Gai will kill Naruto.
  18. Tauren Chieftain

    Sasuke Vs Madara

    bring it on .
  19. Tauren Chieftain

    Sasuke Vs Madara

    You mean tier below his teen version. Kishi directly said Naruto and Sasuke are equal even now.Naruto is confirmed to be really rusty and Sasuke is equal to him. Chojuro and Kurotsuchi could keep up and hit Kinshiki same guy Sasuke alone fight to no winner.Fact that Chojuro , Kurotsuchi...
  20. Tauren Chieftain

    Will Boruto be Sasuke's redemption?

    No his redemption will be Red dead redemption 2.