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  1. Styles

    Bakugo in the future?

    Probably, it’s no way to know for sure especially since the creator gave Deku all of those quirks out of no where in all honesty and gave them a buff due to OFA. So either Bakugo gets another quirk somehow or his quirk becomes hella lot stronger since as is can’t really and at all call them rivals.
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    [Question] What Your Top 5 Favorite Fairy Tail Character?

    Gray Wendy Gildarts Cana Zeref Heavily dislike Natsu and Erza.
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    [Discussion] So is Brandish stronger than Erza?

    Obviously but Erza never lose due to P.A her mother was iirc first or second strongest spirggan and she “beat” her mother.
  4. Styles

    [VS] Hinata vs Sakura

    Had me thinking it was a hot threat out.
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    VOTE 1 Fight

    No, that pill which forcibly awakened Sasuke’s V2 made him exponentially stronger than Natuto in base. If he never took it they would have been on par.
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    [VS] Hinata vs Sakura

    No wonder this dang thread popped up on my new posts. I was like why is a 2016 showing up lol
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    [Predictions] Black Clover Manga Chapter 182 Discussion and 183 Predictions

    Not gonna lie I’m honestly tired of all this Yami screen time. Dude also seem like he never lose like at all.
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    Excluding Kurama, does Naruto have more Chakra than EMS madara?

    Not really since it’s due to Kurama that his stamina and chakra is as big as it is since he was a baby if he never had it his chakra would be like his mother’s and that’s it but because of Kurama he have strong chakra and massive chakra and stamina. @bold Not really. Kushina was an Uzumaki but...
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    Sasuke vs Gaara Chunin Exams

    Sasuke won the fight but lost the war basically since Gaara went Jin mode and sasuke CM crippled him.
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    If sasuke had full access to his rinnegan abilities how do you think a fight versus

    If that’s the case Naruto will lose if he’s spamming. Sasuke will just absorb all his jutsu and increase his own reserves while Naruto is depleting his.
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    Ems sasuke vs dms kakashi

    Kakashi loses to Sasuke in Taijutsu wym? Though this is obviously 1 sided and OP knows it kakashi although have a time limit is buffed on Rikudou chakra and Sasuke isn’t.
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    [Discussion] Hiro Mashima's New Manga Tentatively Titled "Eden's Zero"

    Lol Dude have the same characters as he did in Rave FT and transferred it to this.
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    Could naruto theoretically do this for sasuke?

    No he don’t have yang seal anymore. And if he did it would be just his regular eye/sharingan.
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    Are you people really happy with it?

    The anime simply sucks. Once Goku black arc ended it went to ish. I dropped it long ago now i just read the manga. Those hardcore DB fans would watch anything tho mostly cuz they're the Goku fanboys.
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    So Lightning is strong against...

    Basically. Also think fuuton is only weak against fire only too.
  16. Styles

    How would Sarada react if...

    Anyone would do the same ish if they was in Sasuke's position.
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    How would Sarada react if...

    People be like Sasuke tried to murder Sakura twice when in reality Sakura tried to murder Sasuke twice.
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    If Senju and Uchiha....

    There would be no Konoha. Since Madara was the reason Hashirama even wanted to make a village and stuff. And there would be no peace just full blown war. And no 5 nations.