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    [Predictions] Black Clover Manga Chapter 216 Discussion and 217 Predictions

    Juluis(?) described the other kingdoms to the gang. What would he say if he had to describe their own in a similar fashion?
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    [Predictions] Black Clover Manga Chapter 216 Discussion and 217 Predictions

    How would Clover Kingdom be described from what we've seen so far?
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    [Predictions] My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 239 Discussion and 240 Predictions

    Can't say I expected Detnerat(?) to get smashed like this. The dog wasn't even needed. This is making me think that All for One didn't actually care about beating All Might and just wanted to put pieces in the right place. He would've taken Shiga's quirk otherwise?
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    [Predictions] Kaidou prediction! Read!

    all the prophecies
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    Is it cruel to keep a bird as a pet?

    When I think about it, you're right. Their cages are like the equivalent of a dog cage but I've always thought of them as more of a fish tank. It is pretty cruel to keep them locked up as it would be for a dog, but I don't think birds have to constantly fly. Bird food is so light that people use...
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    Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba ~ 1080p -> 1440p Wallpaper (Edit)

    Yea, I liked the jagged edges
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    Obito controlling Yagura and occupying The Mist. Why?

    To spite the Mist ninja for getting Rin killed. Another point I could see is money. I recall Hidan and his partner mentioning how they needed cash for the Akatsuki, and controlling an entire country has to rake in money. It's not like he was spending it on any of the citizens.
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    Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba ~ 1080p -> 1440p Wallpaper (Edit)

    The blurs defeat the purpose of upscaling. Many details have been lost for the smooth look.
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    What are you supposed to do with losers?

    What can you do for them? From what I've read, half of them had a warped sense of reality that made them feel like something they weren't actually, such as a loser. Maybe an amount of them could get mental attention, but some of these guys seem so convinced of their thoughts that they'd never...
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    [Discussion] Do you guys like sodas? (Pepsi, sprite etc.)

    Not really. I always regret drinking that trash, and it gives me the urge to brush my teeth immediately after. I don't know how long ago it was, but I stayed away from sugar a handful of years back and it changed me. It's not that I intentionally avoid it now, but that I simply don't get what I...
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    If you could get a one way ticket to the future would you take it?

    I'd give it a chance if the plan were thorough and had intentions of assisting me after I landed into the future. It'd be real shitty if I were unable to enjoy the luxuries created with time because I end up nothing more than a time traveling hobo. I wonder if I'd have relatives that managed to...
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    Constructive Criticism Welcome (:

    Really good shading. It looks great in spite of the images being so large. Even the smallest parts have good shading. I don't think your shapes are pronounced enough though. You highlight them pretty well judging by the wrinkles of Naruto's nose, but it becomes difficult to differentiate the...
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    [Discussion] Do you guys drink tap water or do you buy water?

    Both, though it'd be wiser to just get a filter or something because both choices are a leap of faith as far I'm concerned.
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    How to do the reaper death seal.

    did you meet obito in the death realm?
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    New Words we could use

    Orochitee: Definition: Someone who gets handed an L, specifically repeatedly Example: Orochimaru is rarely described as orochiteee due to it being considered an understatement of his history
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    Bakugo in the future?

    Pretty much. I think Bakugo becomes less of rival. He'll obviously be super strong, but simply unable to hit Deku's level. If there are Nomus stronger than the one all might fought, Bakugo is bound to end up around that level even if he takes up a support role. It may not be such a bad thing...
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    [Discussion] Booooo

    Wonder if BB would've won if all the Revs were on the island.
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    Did Kishi write off Madara because he couldn't think of a good way for him to lose fair n square?

    His base(he wasn't even base, he had SM activated:rolleyes:) was amped by much more than a bit of Rikudo chakra and it matters because Naruto and Sasuke had gotten the very same things that were flowing through him. Sasuke had gotten Hashirama's cells and Rikudo power, then Naruto had gotten...